Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Gushing on God, Again

The things of God were first imparted to me by His Spirit through my mother.  I remember the atmosphere that always surrounded her; even though I didn't understand it, I knew I liked it.  It drew me in ways I didn't fully understand; ways of which I wanted desperately to know more.  So much of His ways in prophecy and supernatural wisdom covered her footsteps; I knew she was not truly “of” this earth, as none of Daddy’s children are.  We are indeed a peculiar people, and the world, the flesh, and the devil are not worthy of us.  That’s not pride, beloved – it’s truth born of God Himself Who is our Father.  I am so glad I belong to Him.

Don’t look out on the world from the porch of your thoughts and emotions with any kind of envy in your hearts; for we are citizens of Heaven and seek another country and city, just as scripture says, beloved; whose Maker and Builder is God.

O, how I love His ways!  And the fragrance He carries is like myrrh in preservation of my hopes and of my soul in Him.  His word of promise is honey to my lips; the fruit of Christ's wisdom covers those I encounter with encouragement and spreads His righteousness to strengthen and refresh the flower of His precepts in hearts reaching up to Heaven.  I’m so glad He’s made me who I am in Him, and I will never again despise my course.

Tell the Lord how grateful you are to know Him today, dear friends.  Here's how grateful I am:

Dear Father Who has caused my eyes to see clearly into Your paths - I love You.  I thank You for Your Wisdom and Your Justice and Your Mercy, truly none of which I ever could live without.  You are the Hearer of Prayers, the God of all Comfort, and the Father of my youth and old age.  From the grave and death’s sting You have saved me, and I alone owe all that I am in grace and power to You.  I Bless Your Holy Name Forever, O, God – I Bless Your Holy Name.  Amen.

With all that is within me,

Daddy’s Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)