Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Dream Date with Abba

What would your dream date with Daddy be like?  Think about it.

Mine would be very focused, because I'd be absolutely fixated on His eyes.

I realize I'd have to be totally in my spirit-man, probably dead to the earth and my flesh (but who cares!) in order to actually have my dream date with Abba, because nothing of sin or flesh could remotely survive honest-to-goodness, full-on eye contact with Him.  So I'd give up my life here to have my dream date, and eternal life would be the payoff... the ultimate, supreme, better-than-anything exchange for this awesome, first-in-an-eternal-lifetime encounter.  After all, with Daddy it would be only the beginning!

Yahweh's eyes would tell me everything.  If they are the mirrors of our souls it's because they are first the mirrors of His.  I would scream, and I would cry, and all for JOY.  Tears are possible until that day when they're all wiped away forever, so my tears would flow for JOY.

Then I would touch Him.  I've always wanted to stroke Abba's hair and hold His head gently in my hands.  I want to kiss His forehead as He has kissed mine in life a billion times.  Our Father will make Himself "touchable" for our sake, Saints - since I am by no means the only one who wants to press His immaculate head to my breast.  Nothing is too hard for Him.

I want to kiss His eyelids while I thank Him for transformation into the image of Christ. Most of all, I want to be tender with Him... to show Him tenderness is my ultimate goal with Daddy.  Tender words and kisses, tender caresses, and tender, heartfelt, eternal embrace. I live for that moment to begin all moments, when I will dissolve into His Bosom, never to come out again.  I mean it.  I've never meant anything more.

My dream date with Abba consists of my ultimate expression of love for Who He is and my humbled thanks for all He has done for me - which is everything always.  You know what? One day - by His amazing power and abilities on my behalf - I'm going to have my date with Him.  Just Him.  Just me.  Just Him and me, forever.  It's possible for all of us at the same time, you know... because He is the Almighty God!  HALLELUJAH!

What would your dream date with God be like?  Think about it.

Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)