Thursday, August 8, 2013

White-knuckled "Firsts"

I can't help recalling my first time behind the wheel as a "permit" driver; that's mainly because my Goddaughter Jessica has obtained her driving permit.  She's been practicing over the past few months on New York State highways, as did I.

As most of you know, Jessica is Lynette's daughter... Lynette has been teaching her to drive, and Jess is progressing famously.


When I stepped into the light of day after passing my written permit test, my earthly father handed me the keys to the family contraption - er, I mean, car - and told me we'd only get home if I drove.  Incidentally, our transport was a 20-foot-long, six-foot-wide, Lincoln Town Car Limousine!  Yeah... I kid you not.

The tiny streets of our even tinier city were packed on both sides with parked cars that day, and I nearly lost control of my bodily functions as I tentatively clasped the keys in my determined (yet sweaty) right hand and headed toward that gas-guzzling monstrosity.

Once God mercifully restored my respiration - and I stopped seeing the previous 17 years of life flash before my eyes - the limousine, my earthly father, and I pulled away from the curb onto the roadway.  The actual trip home is a total blank, but the fact I'm typing this post lends proof to my arriving safely - albeit unconsciously - home.  Although I'd aged about five years between the city and our driveway, by the next morning I was calm enough to resume normal growth (and bowel) processes. 

At Present

Now it's Jessica's turn to tackle those same highways, and her doing so brings all the "fun" of my past experiences flooding back; it never takes much.  I do know, however, that the same God Who mercifully kept me is also keeping her and, one day, she'll be sharing memories of her white-knuckled "firsts" to His praise, honor, and glory.  ;0)

Thanks for letting me reminisce a while.  I hope you chuckled a bit.

Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)