Saturday, September 7, 2013

Are You Ready for Change?

(Public Domain photo)
My thoughts are a bit rambled today, but I want to ask you all a question:
How do you feel about autumn coming?

Sounds like a silly question, perhaps, but when looked upon in the context of "change", its importance quickly escalates.

In terms of my acceptance of the new phase or "season" of life Daddy's plan presents, I'm learning to welcome turning leaves and cooler breezes.  Our God is good, and so are all of His plans, thoughts, and intentions for us; that often includes the advent of autumn's deep sleep.  The chubby caterpillar must pupate in silence before emerging in colorful manifestation of miraculous metamorphosis.  In this aspect, I welcome autumn's onset.

How about you?

God is the God of growth and change; no Christian life can prosper without it.  God is not stagnant; nothing in His creation ever is, entirely.  Even the Dead Sea grows more briny and bitter with passing years.  Unchecked disobedience grows worse, and righteous decisions for Christ grow more fruitful. Things either grow right or they grow left - but they always, always grow and, as I've said, growth means change - for better or worse.

I've decided to grow from glory to glory in Christ, as His scripture says.  Doing so at times means branching out, launching out into the unfamiliar but with the familiar touch of Jesus' hand to guide me. The warmth of Christ's hand, His holy breath upon me, and His power leading the way greatly brightens the autumn path.  Daddy's love gives us courage to face unknown seasons approaching, and His love can never be taken away.  So I'm set to see the summer pass with increasing satisfaction and JOY... I'm ready to let its greenery go so that God can bring forth colorful metamorphosis in me, transforming me to even higher ground.

The greater portion and His reward awaits all who are in obedience... I think that's mostly what I'm talking about.  So we must be ready, in His timing, to step forward and view the future in Him as the true blessing it is. 

Are you ready?

Thanks for letting me share my heart,

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)