Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Not So Cold About Winter

(Public Domain Photo)

At times I grouse a lot about winter, but I've been meaning to stop (or at least greatly curtail) that.  Winter is a part of God's plan for the earth, an awesome cycle of events in weather changes throughout the globe that He promised Noah would not cease as long as the present earth remains.  In truth, His covenant with mankind and the earth from Genesis 8:22 is one of my favorite verses in all scripture,

"While the earth remains, seed time and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, and day and night shall not cease." (Genesis 8: 22)

For me, there's just something about the promises of God as He speaks them out to mankind and all of His creation; maybe because He IS Truth, and His word is everlasting.  I take heart in knowing that the same voice and authority which declared winter will not cease in the current earth also declares the continuance of spring, and of summer, as long as the earth remains.  Summer has its end, but so does winter.  Every year God's mercy breaks the grip of cold and ice after lovingly destroying myriad harmful germs and viruses with bitter cold.  His goodness is found in every season of the year, and His mercy endures forever.

All it takes is a single prayer... an effectual, fervent prayer to move the Hand that moves the universe, be it summer or spring, on our behalf.  Several months ago on Daddy's Girl, I gave this testimony to the Lord's power to hear and answer prayer regarding the onset of winter during a time in my life when its deep snow may have broken me spiritually, emotionally, and financially.  His loving response and concern, miraculously manifested in a critical season, marked my heart in confidence towards Him and immeasurably strengthened my faith and courage.

God is good.

So, I no longer complain nearly as much about winter.  God's overwhelming desires for me to appreciate the hardships and endure them "as a good soldier" are making clear headway in my otherwise fairly pampered life.  I cover my testimony to His goodness with Jesus' blood, and I praise Him that I have never had to spend even one night outside in the bitter cold I grumble about, though many souls have.  I am blessed and repentant of all complaint.

What about you?

If you cringe at the onset of different seasons in your life or in the weather, you're not alone.  But just take some time - as I did -  to look around at the current circumstance and weigh it against the power of the promises of the Lord.  God's word always wins.  He and His faithfulness are everlasting, and His love for you extends to all generations.



"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)