Wednesday, September 18, 2013

On Individuality

There’s nothing wrong with individuality, although many fear it.

Individualists have been labeled non-compliant and difficult, and often some people are; but, IMO, that has nothing to do with their affinity toward individuality.

The cookie-cutter mentality is linked to tradition which, in many cases, is the sworn enemy of individuality.  It also accounts for most of the world’s stress and inordinate expectations.  It’s got the mainstream church in a vice grip.
God is doing a “new thing”, right?  That truth in itself shouts individuality.  Looking behind us to the way things used to be never fits the picture of the freshness of God.  His plans and purposes explore new heights and depths completely unknown and, therefore, unfamiliar to the former (and more comfortable) experiences of mankind.  I love that.
The Best of
Now, of course, there’s an element of apprehension the flesh naturally associates with every unknown, but that’s where TRUST in God is meant to come into full play.  That’s the frame of mind and confidence He reaches to achieve in all His work within us.  Daddy wants to bring us all to the point where, when faced with the unknown, we look back only at the memorial stones He’s built in us through experiences of safe deliverance; and then we look forward in confidence to what He can supply and has always supplied in faithful  accomplishment of His plans.
God never fails.
So be different today, Saints.  Dare to be different.  Venture forth in trust and the knowledge of God as our eternal safe place, no matter how daunting “new things” may seem.  After all, just because a path is well beaten doesn’t mean it is the right one.
Sometimes we are called to be pioneers and icebreakers.  Someone must be willing to go where no one has gone before, and that’s no fantasy!  God calls all who are willing to be those pioneers for Him and, ultimately, individuality is a powerful blessing because, underneath, are His everlasting arms.  He never hesitates to embrace us warmly, fragrantly, and with all-consuming, securing love.
Will you dare to be different according to Daddy’s plan?  Embrace the individuality of being “set apart” (holy) for God and bless His Holy Name.  Deliverance, reward, and blessing await you.
Daddy’s Girl
"...  fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)