Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ask God About Your Destiny

All God-given gifts and propensities are significant, and He does not desire to keep their nature or cause a secret from us.

For example, I recall asking Daddy a few years ago why I have such an affinity towards tea pots and pens and Teddy bears.  I'm serious.  He seriously, and amazingly, answered me:

[Paraphrasing]: Your passion for tea pots represents My Spirit of Hospitality in you, He told me.  The passion for pens represents My call on your life to communicate with others the richness and mercies of My love for them.

All of that is blooming in my life, just like Abba said.  God is amazing.

If you ever want to know why you love certain things, beloved, just ask the Father.  He created and initiated everything good and perfect in you and assigned reasons and purpose to them.  He lives to give us purpose and meaning and have us come into the realization of it all.  He is loving and giving and caring and kind; mysterious and majestic and original in all of His intent for mankind to share in His holiness and glory.  Remember, with Daddy, "glory" means intimate relationship with Him.  He will not abdicate that special, personal, ordained role of tenderness and union with us, ever.  It is ours with Him, eternally.  Amen!

Although in the spirit realm bears represent anger, to my emotions the love of Teddy bears redemptively represents my love for the Father.  To my emotions warm, fuzzy bears represent His Spirit of "fathering" and "protection" over me.  That makes SUCH sense, especially since Abba said I was created to be "Daddy's Girl"!  Woohoo!

Beloved, it's important - critical, actually - that you know I am absolutely not the only one created to be His girl... all of you precious women have the same destiny in terms of intimacy with Him, and all of our brothers in Christ are also destined for His Throne of intimacy as sacred "sons" forever!  Daddy's "boys", if you will!  ABSOLUTELY!  What Abba does for one, He'll do for all - but it's up to each of us as individuals to relate to Him as the Father He is meant to be in our lives.  It's up to us to reach out to Him in love and favor destined to be ours as servants, then friends, then FAMILY around His Throne.  We are His, and He is ours, forever, beloved!

Ask the Lord why you like the fruitful things that you do and why you have a tendency towards certain things of goodness and light - and He will TELL YOU what He's planned and orchestrated for you.  He so wants you to ask!  He stands waiting just to tell you!

He's told me, and the avenues of discovery in Him are just beginning for me.  My friends, the world of God is a land truly without end.  We are blessed to behold Him and to inhale His loving fragrance for all eternity!  HALLELUJAH!

Ask Him about your destiny, today!

Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)