Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Comfortable in His Presence

The more I'm with God, the more comfortable I am. There's an amazing amount to be said about being in the presence of Daddy, because He's the only Person in existence Who truly doesn't judge us based on our outward appearance or the things we "do".  Daddy only judges the heart and its motives/intents.  For real.

I am 100% comfortable in His Presence now, and it's been a deliberate, delicate, many-fold process on Daddy's part to get me there.  I can relax in the presence of Abba knowing I belong there entirely.  With Him, I belongI belong.  The same holds true for every last one of His children who come before Him with sincere hearts seeking the things of which we are SO in need:

Love, acceptance, approval, belonging, affirmation, attention, fulfillment, understanding, acknowledgement, appreciation, encouragement, passion, meaning, compassion, patience, humor, character, integrity, JOY, support, comfort, value, worth, purpose, nourishment, fathering, mothering, friendship, and blessing.  So much more, certainly... and it's all in the heart of the Father for His beloved.

The Best of
Daddy has proven Himself to me, though He honestly has nothing to prove.  He is a bend-over-backwards God in that He knows we are weak and need constant reassuring, so He willingly positions Himself permanently in our lives to give us what we need, continually.  There's nothing within the realm of His holiness and character (which is infinite) that Daddy wouldn't do to make us strong in the knowledge of Him, confident in our stand on His behalf, and full of faith believing He is forever for us and never against us.

I am completely comfortable in His Presence, not only because I love Him, but because "I know that I know" I can tell Him absolutely, positively anything, and He will not condemn me.  He will listen to me and accept what I say and then work with me from there.  He will lead me, guide me, correct and instruct me in the way I should go without making me feel like I am insignificant in His sight.

The Lord God Almighty wants us to know that, although we are nothing without Him, we are everything to Him.  He never stops trying to build this truth in us and, once it is built, He will supernova its strength in faith and powerful witness in our hearts and lives each day to launch us into perpetual cycles of perseverance and trust.

My friends, GOD IS ABLE.  Hallelujah!

He is the only Person in existence able to set me completely at ease with myself around Him and others, ultimately.  He can do the same for YOU.  I declare to you in the Name of the Lord Jesus the Christ that the closer you get to the Godhead through intimate fellowship with Them (praising and worshiping Them each day) the better you'll feel, the more joyous you'll be, and the safer you are... Period.

Here's to many days and nights drawing closer and closer to Abba...


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)