Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dear Godhead, I Love You: Part 1

Yesterday's post presented an invitation to readers to tell the Godhead (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) how you feel about each of Them.  I promised to share in today's post how I feel about the first Person of the Godhead - the Eternal, Almighty God and Father of all things good and perfect - my Daddy.  I take immense delight in the words I'm about to share, because I've shared every word of them with my Heavenly Father, and He also delights in me.

Abba, I love You.  The truth that I am your daughter - Your true seed - fulfills my life's meaning like absolutely nothing else.  Without You, I wouldn't exist, and I am so grateful for Your heart and mind's eye creating me... literally, thinking me up and breathing me into existence.

The Best of
Apart from that, I want You; that's the biggest part of my passion for You, Abba.  I want You more than I want anything else in this life or any other.  I want You more than I want Heaven or heavenly reward.  I want You more than I want the things of this earth or any bit of riches money can afford; they are but refuse compared to the Prize of Your eternal favor and Your constant gaze.  I mean what I'm saying with every fiber of my being, Daddy.  YOU are the One I'm after... You are the Prize, the Goal, and the Point of my life - of my existence.  Period.

I live to hold You, to hug You as much and as frequently as I can while here on earth.  I am learning, day by day, to hold You more - to give You more of my attention and worth and circumstance - to make You the Center of my (or any) universe of obedience in thought, feeling, intention, imagination, makeup, or desire.  I am intensely curious about You, and that curiosity only grows.  As a young, adoring daughter gazes continually at her father and studies his every nuance of movement, I gaze at You.  I definitely adore You, and I will submit to Your entire will on my behalf; Your commissioning for my life.

You are the Source of all things, including the utter fascination of my gasping heart, eyes, ears, and comprehension.  I love to hear Your Voice echoing edicts over my life and soothing my heart, mind, and emotions.  I am composed of You and Your intentions over me; my heart belongs to You.  My heart is on Your side.

Kisses and hugs have reserved my whole life's purpose when I get to Your Throne.  I long to stroke Your head of compassion and mercy for me, and pour love upon Your soul as You've given it to me.  As You've bathed me in showers of favor and loving kindness all the days of my life, I want to press You to my breast and have You absorb every molecule of love I feel for You, Abba... my Abba... for there is NONE like You, and You deserve everything of love and life that I could possibly give to You - here and now, and always.

With all of my being, my true Father, I LOVE YOU.

Your Shamma (Obedient One), created to be...

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)