Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dear Godhead, I Love You: Part 2

Wednesday's post extolled the everlasting virtue of Almighty God for what He is to me, constantly and securely, as my Father.  Today, I'm declaring my love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dearest Jesus, I Love You

The part of me that embraces Daddy's definition of marital love is fed and enriched continually by Jesus.  He is my Lord and Master, Savior and Redeemer certainly... but He is also my Husband and the Lover of my soul.  I have found Him Who my soul loves... like a woman loves a man.  Jesus the Christ is my Divine Husband and, without Him, I could never love a human man the way Abba intended.  Jesus has taught my heart, quite literally, "how" to love a man by the Father's definition and plan.  Before coming to know Him in the quiet intimacy we have, I could not righteously embrace marital love; I owe it all to Him.

The vulnerability of His embrace, and the way He trembles with love when I am in His arms brings a level of honest affection to our relationship I have never known before.  Yeshua is my soul's delight, and I am His beloved Bride as are all those fully submitted to the Arm of Abba's redemption. Jesus is that Arm - not only positioned at the Father's right hand, but literally comprising His Arm in strength and righteousness.  He is the King of Glory; of all the world and realm of intimacy with the Father, Jesus is King.  Think about that in relation to the staggering passion Christ has couched in His breast for you.

Like nowhere and with no one else, I feel like a woman with Christ.  All of the rejection that deformed me disappears in His Presence.  I am a woman of God, and His beloved, whenever He is near.  I worship Him and adore Him as a bride to her husband... that's simply our dynamic together.  He is mine and I am His, always.

My Lover teaches me not to be ashamed to expose my heart's door... my testimony of desire for all that is Abba's - His heart and mind and all-encompassing will for my betterment and growth in Him; for my union with He and the Godhead.  Jesus is all about serving Abba and pleasing Him; He consists of the burning fire of desire to accomplish Yahweh's total will for the universe of mankind and all of His creation.  As His own words declare,

"... for I do always those things that please Him." (John 8:29b)

Christ's embrace is the ultimate embrace.  In the Spirit, I have stood with Him in the rainfall of Abba's will for us, and I have melted in His Garments of Obedience and Truth and loving thoughts and intentions towards me.  Indeed, His thoughts are of good and not evil, to give me a hope and a future.  I have felt the warm embrace of His Righteousness all around me, and His strong arms of faithfulness in promises extended to me and my generations in seeds of redemption and life.

There is nothing like the personal, protective love of Christ.  My Divine Husband adores me completely, and I am fully His, forever.  Amen.

Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)