Thursday, October 17, 2013

Face It - You're a MIRACLE!

I've enjoyed laughing in the enemy's face ever since I discovered that's what our God does in light of the devil's puny plans; cracks me up every time.  Today, I've particularly enjoyed the new poetic verse Daddy has given me expressing how I feel when I'm tempted or discouraged for a moment, but then God and His merciful hand of Truth (a.k.a., Christ Jesus) reaches down and lovingly uplifts me. The verse lends itself easily to song, which I love.

In it, our Lord reminds us all that no matter what the enemy thinks or tries to say to us, we are walking miracles.  We each are testaments to God's Glory affecting and radically changing the universe because of the shed blood of Christ.  So, with courage and faith and confidence, we can look to God instead of the devil stalking us like a snake with the anguish and condemnation of past sins.  We can look mightily to our Father God as we thank Him and truthfullyboldly declare, "I'm a Miracle!"
I sit looking at sin on one hand – looking at God on the other.
It’s supposed to be…
Looking at GOD on one hand – looking at sin on the other!
So, why doesn’t GOD come first?
Because this flesh of mine, this thirst
for the sin that constantly haunts me
and then serpentinely stalks me
gets under my skin telling me I can’t win
but the truth is Christ Jesus has bought me,
and my Father in Heaven has taught me…
Look what He’s brought me from!
because the battle HE has won!
So I say ‘no’ to sin – it’s not going to win.
I say YES to the Victory…
that has purchased my blood with a redeeming flood;
I'm transfused by Calvary!  
I am a child… OF GOD!  HALLELUJAH!
And with His Blood I’ve been washed.
So I look unto HIM… I don’t look at that sin.
My fevered thirst is quenched,
the enemy’s been benched.
God’s Heaven is my home,
and I dwell before His Throne just because…
Thank You, Jesus!
Yes, I’M A  M I R A C L E !
 (Copyright © 10-17-13 by Sharon Joy Gramling.  All Rights Reserved.)
Daddy's Girl
"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)