Thursday, October 24, 2013

His Work Be Done

God knows everything that's "stuffed down" in our emotions.  Lately He's been dealing with me regarding anger issues.  I'm being very honest with you, friends, because Daddy's Girl is a place of honesty and truth regarding the Father's heart and His deepest desires and will for us.  That all covers very sensitive places where the Godhead wants us yielded, exposed, repentant, and healed.

The past definitely plays into the future, beloved; please don't ever think it doesn't.  The emotional traumas we experience in life are never dealt with - let alone obliterated - by themselves.  Unless and until we give them over to the Father for examination and revelation in truth, all they are is "stuffed down" inside of us.  People, places, and things can all be deposited in our emotions and even in our very bodies, Daddy has revealed.

For instance, when my mother passed away, emotionally, I "deposited" her in my heart; so as I grew stronger in God I required a very specific heart inspection and surgery by His Spirit to reveal the various issues that lay there affecting my life in myriad ways, positive and negative.  This is earnest revelation, my friends.  It proves God's acute awareness of every issue of life concerning His children; it shows His microscopic attention to detail and copious monitoring and recording of every instance of impact and trauma to our emotions, condition, and countenance - no matter how seemingly insignificant.

It proves what an outrageously intimate and personal God and Father of us He really is.

I may not touch on these particular truths again for a while, but I believe Daddy has desired that I venture into them just enough to acquaint you with the reality of His personal love, care, and deep concern for you, the Body of Christ.  There is so much evil that confronts us and soils us from day to day, but absolutely NONE of it "gets by" the Father; He's fully aware of it all and notes its caustic effects on us humans.  If He is to have a Bride "without spot, wrinkle, or any such blemish", beloved, it should not be difficult for you to realize how desperately He wants to cleanse us to depths of spirit, and soul, and body of which we are not even aware.  He has to do it if we are to become "one spirit" with Him as His Bride, but He cannot (will not) do it without our full permission and cooperation.  Period.

As I stare at the stark frame of anger issues confronting me, I solicit all your prayers that Daddy will be enabled - by my obedience, submission, and cooperation - to surface these things to the point of delivering me from them.  It is critically necessary for all of us to yield continually, and I am no exception.  It's not enough to yield to one thing in one area of our emotions for God's healing; we must do so repeatedly, in every area, all the time - just as we die "daily" to prodding of the flesh and embrace holiness afresh and anew each morning.

One of the poems God gave me several years ago speaks to this.  As I share it with you, I pray you'll apply its resolve to your own lives and ask that Daddy appropriate its theme to your daily living, in Jesus' Name.

Savior, I commend to Thee;
let Thy work be done in me.
I heed Your commandment still;
not my desire, but Your will.
Savior, I commend to Thee;
let Thy work be done in me.
(Copyright © 2004 by Sharon Joy Gramling. All Rights Reserved.)
God's unconditional love to you all,
"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)