Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Look What God Has Done!

This is what the Lord can do.  While I have intensely enjoyed the talent and gift for writing since I came to earth, I had not been able to draw or paint anything short of stick figures... until God.

After a difficult trial requiring submission and obedience on levels of tremendous challenge to my soul and emotions, the Lord rewarded me.  He sent a word through my twin sister, Lynette, which basically extended to me an opportunity for blessing in impartation in whatever avenue I desired.

Yes, you heard me.  Abba literally asked me to "choose" what He would give me.  One of the things I chose was the ability to paint.  Holy Spirit then communicated to me that such ability would also require an impartation in drawing in general - understanding "light" and its treatment of the human form and all forms... indeed, everything it touches; for drawing and painting is about light and shadow.  I never knew these things - not even close.

"Sharon in Prayer"
(Copyright © 2012 by SJG. All Rights Reserved.)
Then, during my sleep, the Lord showed me a palette of triangular colors separated by white lines... a myriad of different hues and shades and, as I looked, that palette grew closer and closer to my eyes until it went right into me!  Literally, that palette was placed into my body by the Lord; and the understanding that accompanied it regarding light and color and proportion came also... along with the desire to learn more and hone the newborn skills.

Hallelujah!  The gift of impartation is astonishing to me!

I've been drawing and painting ever since, and I've discovered an affinity for charcoals I never knew I had.  The art you see here is the self-portrait I did last year through Daddy's impartation, which still amazes me.  I call it "Sharon in Prayer", and I'm sharing this testimony with all of you to give you hope in our God - to let you know how entirely invested He is in our healing and well-being and, further, that He is indeed the God of all compassion and reward.  Amen.

Daddy rewarded me with the ability - His ability to draw and paint to His Glory... to bring others into close relationship with Him based on the loving kindness of His heart and His miraculous undertakings on our behalf.  I COULD NEVER DRAW BEFORE THIS, Saints! Yet, this work of God's hands through me looks as if I'd been studying art for years... but I hadn't.  It is the work of the Lord through me, and I bless His Holy, benevolent, magnificent Name!

Understanding more about how God can create artistically through His love affair with light has indelibly blessed me.  Artists have a certain, tangible understanding of God's creative process the rest of us don't have; I didn't have it either, until last year, and it's developing in me like a healthy newborn.  I respect His artists very much more than I used to, and I bless His generous, Righteous, Merciful heart towards me.

Remember, friends, that what our God does for one, He'll do for all.  The "secret" is obedience; it's the greatest inroad to His heart.  Continually ask the Lord what you can do for Him and for the advancement of His Kingdom; for the light of His Life to dwell in you and for you to richly bless Him with your presence around His Throne (we are commanded to bless Him, you know), and He will reveal to you the desires of His heart.  If you are tested and tried (which we all will be) and you remain faithful, rest assured, our God will reward you with what will make the burdens you faced seem like water running off of rocks or beading on the backs of ducks...  the JOY will totally eclipse all trial you endured - believe me - and you will come away with a prize of delight in Him of your own choosing that will bless your life forever.

Hunger and thirst for your own intimate, miraculous experiences and relationship with Daddy, beloved.  He awaits you!


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)