Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Safety through the storm

Though my mother told me I was born during a hurricane back in 1965, since then (to my knowledge) I had never been in the midst of a storm packing 85 mph winds until last year when Hurricane Sandy introduced itself to New Jersey shores.

God kept me and my dwelling safe through it all.  Honestly, friends, it was a huge miracle.

As I look back in remembrance of the quadruple duty His mighty angels pulled during that long, noisy night I can only say, Thank You, Lord.  Thank You, dear Father, for determining beforehand that Your beloved would be kept safe.  That "beloved" by no means includes only me, my friends.  In the days following the storm last year, myriad testimonies of God's faithfulness surfaced and rippled through churches, crowds, news reports, and home fellowships everywhere.

Was there devastation and mishap and catastrophe also?  Unfortunately, yes.  But my soul magnifies the merciful rescue and recoveries His coffers showered upon those adversely affected.  A year later, new lives have begun and new courses have been launched in light of hopeful futures.  Even in the path of destruction, God brings a good end for all who trust in Him.

In this brief post, I look back at the things Daddy showed me by His Spirit... the angels sparking to and fro like electricity over the lands God designated to be protected (for He always guards His own); the miracle of dry basements and sturdy power lines... and houses spared from falling trees and projectile debris.  Out of all the tragedy reported there were also many instances of supernatural protection and safety for which the Lord should be lauded.

Today, I say Thank You, Jesus for Your hand of safety over the masses - and for Your beneficent restorative powers granted to those still rebuilding and getting on with life.  For those who don't know You, I pray Your salvation comes to them so that, all the more, Your favor and power will be savored, regarded, appreciated, and praised.

In Christ,

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)