Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Armchair Church

The threshold of a church is something many people will never cross in either their adult lifetime or ever.  That’s a significant truth these days; a truth that virtually did not exist in my youth.  When I was a child, one way or another, everyone went to some kind of edifice for worship once a week, whether church or temple or mass.  Not so today.

In truth, these days, many people stand a better chance of coming into contact with God over the Internet than they ever do in the so-called, “real world”.  Wow.
As for Daddy, He just wants His creation to hear the truth about His love for them, no matter where.  I consider it a singular honor to be designated a Pastor in the realm of cyberspace where so much of the world is now.  The message of Christ has gone over the world again and again in the realm of television, and now it’s penetrating even deeper into homes and personal lives through iPods, cell phones, laptops, PCs, and tablets via the Internet.  God is going everywhere so that no one has any excuse for not heeding the Good News of redemption through faith in Jesus Christ.
Millions, dare I say billions, are now getting half their news and doing most of their communicating via the world wide web... what a tremendous gospel forum for those willing to surf atop modems and straddle fiber-optic cables just to spread God’s revelatory truths!  So many of my brothers and sisters in Christ - on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and hundreds of other forms of social media – are marvelous examples to me of willingness and perseverance to evangelize, pray for, encourage, and bless the Body of Christ - and especially lost souls - using the light-speed tools of today's technology.
I’ve learned as I’ve gone along, powered by Daddy’s Spirit of Wisdom, and my first year of  offering God’s heart in virtual armchair church online has been a learning experience I will never forget.  God has used my “homebody” nature to its fullest, most productive extent, and I couldn’t be more satisfied.  The more I share, the more He asks me to share; the more ideas He gives me, the gladder I am.  The Lord’s loving pursuit of mankind in putting my hands "to war” online has favored me, and taught me, and deeply cleansed me of confidence issues and condemnation.

Thank You, Jesus.
The inhabitants of cyberspace are highly sought after by the Spirit of the Living God.  Whether you go to a physical “church” or not, Daddy is after you... He’s the Lover of your soul and He wants you to know all about His heart.  He’s deliberately designated my heart and hands and those of millions of precious people in Christ’s Body to reach out to every soul online with the redemptive message of salvation through faith in Jesus.  He wants you to be saved so you will be with Him for all of eternity.  Period.
I want that, too, and consider it an honor to serve the Godhead and you, in Christ’s Name.
My Love in Jesus to you all,
"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)