Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Daddy has Complete Jurisdiction

There's no such thing as anything truly "out of God's jurisdiction", though not everyone believes that.

Jurisdiction is an interesting word, and the portion of its definition Holy Spirit brought my attentions to is simply this:

"Power; Authority; Control."

Though people who've rejected salvation through faith in Christ are not Daddy's responsibility, their lives (their going in and their coming out) are definitely within His jurisdiction, and they should be glad.

It brings to mind how, when David was chastised for numbering Israel against God's command, he chose to have penalty enforced by God instead of by man, because God is genuinely merciful.  God is LOVE, God is MERCY, God is KINDNESS, causing refreshing rain to fall on the just and the unjust as scripture says.  God's got it all together in every area, and there's absolutely no place He doesn't belong.

I've heard it said that God has no place in business.  That's absurd.

America became the dominating superpower and icon of the world in commerce, charity, and free enterprise because of the hearts and minds of forefathers dedicated to God in service and worship.  When God-fearing businessmen of old started their businesses, to Whom do you think they dedicated them?  Into Whose hands do you think they put their enterprises, with all of their hearts?  Who ran and prospered this country back in the day when men and women had sense enough to bow their knees in prayer and turn their backs on any semblance of the enemy?  Jehovah God - that's Who.

Let's face it, folks - our country was founded on the Gospel of Jesus the Christ.  Period.  It was DADDY'S purposes, plans, and abilities that allowed America to rise like an island in the sea in the face of her enemies - throughout nearly the entire 20th century - as an economic power and societal beacon of safety, security, and missions to the masses worldwide.

GOD in business powered America to the heights of economic and social dominance and favor throughout my upbringing.  GOD definitely BELONGS in business.

The bottom line is there is nothing beyond Abba's power, authority, and control; to believe otherwise is ludicrous and depraved.  I'm laughing out loud and crying simultaneously to think anyone raised in this country and acquainted with its history would ever truly believe the most powerful governing force in existence "has no place" here.  Wow.

I'll tell you what, my friends, the Lord God Almighty has and always will have complete and total jurisdiction over all aspects of my life for as long as I live.  Since Jesus lives within me and I have eternal life, the Godhead's jurisdiction over every part of me is forever.

Do you say the same?  In Jesus' Name, I truly hope so.

Blessing His Holy & All-Powerful, Righteous Name...

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)