Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Only Christ Makes Us Complete

Last weekend God sent me a manifest encouragement via Twitter which blew me away.  It was a tweet from Joyce Meyer that said:

Single? You are complete in Christ. Don't have children? You are complete in Christ. Spouse walked out on you?  You are complete in Christ.

I couldn't get over it for quite a while (obviously, I'm still not over it) because it so bulls-eyed the place of encouragement I needed that day.  It was 100% accurate and, undeniably, sent by God.

Don't you just LOVE things like that?  Daddy knows we do.  As always when God speaks encouragement to my heart, it got me thinking about things I didn't truly realize or genuinely understand.

For instance, I didn't really know or understand that it is Christ Who makes any person complete - not a spouse or children.  Unsaved couples married for 30, 40, years or more with several children and grandchildren are, in themselves, incomplete because they have no acknowledgement or realization of the one true reason they were brought into existence.

So what makes any person truly complete?  An earnest knowledge of and love relationship with the Creator of Heaven and Earth and all of humankind - our God, and the Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We were expressly created for fellowship with Almighty God.

Everything else is gravy.

Now, do I want a God-defined, successful marriage?  Yes.  Do I want children?  Yes.  But do I want either of those things more than my continuingly super-saturated oneness with the Godhead?  Unequivocally, resoundingly, and with all of my heart before God - no.

Why?  Because without Christ, I am incomplete.  I don't know about any of you, my dear ones, but I have had enough of incompleteness.  No more of that for me.  In Jesus, I have found He Who my soul loves...  and I will not look around me any longer for substitutes. Husbands and wives and offspring are meant to be of singular blessing to one another, that's for sure, but neither holds the key to complete the soul; only Jesus holds that.

Beloved, I pray in Christ's Name you receive the truth that God alive in you is what makes you complete.  Resolve to allow Daddy to bring you into further agreement with His truth so that you can behold His good and perfect plans for your life.

May God's encouragements and fullness in revelatory power rest upon you all each day in the knowledge of your inheritance in His Kingdom, and that - in Christ - you are complete!

God bless you.

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)