Thursday, November 7, 2013

Open Your Heart in Faith

When God sees us approaching His Throne, His heart fills with expression of love for us.  The doors of all the storehouses of emotion He feels for His Beloved (us) fly open, and He welcomes us at this sacred place.  His Throne is sacred, beloved.

Then, as we continue to approach and draw nearer, my favorite part happens...

As Abba's tender eyes and heart look upon us and receive us, and the communication of our hearts to His anoints His head like fragrant oil and honey, He lifts His jewel-encrusted Scepter, holds it out to us, and bids us enter by uttering in soft, yet Fatherly, regal tones, "Approach."

He can barely wait to receive us into His Bosom and to hold us close to His breast and breathe His breath upon us as He kisses us and welcomes us to His Love in Holy and all-encompassing embrace.

For Abba, it's always an event when His beloved approach Him to love on Him in praise and worship.  It's special to His Holy Heart, and it always will be.  HE LOVES US SO MUCH, y'all.

His Royal Scepter held out to us means Favor.  HALLELUJAH!  His Favor is more precious than life.  It's the registry of His heart towards us, dear friends.  God's Favor is what we should seek more than anything, for the alignment of our hearts, minds, and wills towards Him.  The Favor of the Lord encompasses obedience, faith, and all the things that most please Him.  Good will and character everlasting in the storehouses of His holiness is what we should be seeking after every day of our lives.  His character manifested in us in holiness and righteousness and soft-hearted love towards the masses (indicative of those who are His children, His blessed seed) is what we should be praying for and what we should give Holy Spirit total auspices over in our hearts, minds, wills, and desires.  Amen.

Christ Jesus, I want to be more like You.  You are totally thrilled and enthralled with Abba, and I want to be, too, in every inch and every way of me.  Always.

Do you feel like that, friends?  Daddy knows it if you do, and He will honor your desires by bringing you increasingly closer to Him.  All you have to do is... "approach".  By His power, He will hold out the Scepter to you and give you Favor... pour His Favor on your life.  I believe that is what you want, and I am here to bear living witness that the Father wants you, too.  Believe me.  He wants you.  You all are so worth wanting, or you would not have been created.  Period.

God loves you and He wants you.  Seek His Favor more than anything else in your life and He will change you in every way.  He will love you and purpose you and bless you and transform you into the image of His Son Jesus the Christ; and He will shower you in His "true and living way".

Who doesn't want that?

The Father is waiting to see you approaching His Throne.  When your heart is determined and sincere and urgent in its intent to become one with Him in fellowship and intimate worship (just loving Him and expressing love for Him from the depths of your heart) He will know.  When He knows this, never fear, He will hold out the Scepter to you.

Here's to your next visit to His Throne in Love and Faith Believing...


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)