Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our Greatest Nurturer: Part Two

In Part One of this post I began sharing how God blessed me with a tremendous nurturer in my mother.  His greatest prayer for me, however, was that I come to know and fully embrace the Greatest Nurturer of all - Christ Jesus.  Today, we pick up where I left off, and God bless you.

Eternal Caretakers

Though we are raised to love our parents dearly, the inevitability of the human form and circumstance is that, eventually, they will fail us.  Not necessarily in the sense of being “bad” parents or “evil” influences, but simply due to the truth that – because of sin dying is appointed to the flesh, and it must pass away from the earth - our parents will fall short of our needs.

However, flying high and fast over the decades, I see now how God has kept me and powerfully supplied my every need.  Since my mother’s passing, I’ve also come to understand how His Spirit is the True and Chief Nurturer in my life.  Thanks to Abba, still I can run into the arms of One willing to make every sacrifice for me and place His hand between my body and life’s imposing, ”hard places”.  Daddy is a mommy to me also; He nurtures and soothes me; He closes the door of the dreary world behind me and “ushers me in” to His comforts, delicacies, and delights.  God is really something.
In the confidence of my Eternal Caretakers Abba, Lord Jesus, and Holy Spirit I can do all things They’ve purposed and planned for me.  So can all of you.
I no longer view the new beginnings of life as dank departures from the familiar as I did that rainy, first day of school.  By His power, I allow my heart to burst with His bubbling wells of expectancy and JOYOUS strength!  After all, in Him, I’m forever shielded from any long-term effects of life’s “bitter springs” (which can bruise more harshly than those couched in old furniture).  In Him I have wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and a tendered heart towards all in the family of God.  In Him, I am never alone; I am guided, protected, and nurtured forever.
So are all of you.
Today and always, my prayer for you is that you come to realize in full strength, beauty, and holiness that our Heavenly Father is truly the Greatest Nurturer.  Amen.

Daddy’s Girl
"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)