Saturday, December 7, 2013

God Remains Approachable

There were times in my walk with God that things would be going really well for many days, but then I would skip or miss a day or two... or three of spending intimate time with Him and feelings of guilt and condemnation would descend upon me like a bad storm.

Ever feel like that?

It took quite a while for me to realize - through His gentleness and wisdom - that God was not the source of any of those fleshly feelings.  Did He miss me and our time of intimate fellowship?  Certainly.  But being the God Who Understands the prodding and bondages of the flesh and how easily mankind is given over to them... and understanding and knowing how very much I had (and still have) to learn, He approached me in tenderness and spoke His heart to me:

“I Am not a ‘fair-weather’ God, I Am The God of All Strength in Wisdom, Justice, Tenderness and Peace – and I Love you unconditionally. My heart is that you would understand Me clearly when I say I hold no grudge[1] against you, (even when you sin).
             I have changed your heart, beloved. Even if your flesh tells you so, you will never not come to Me in your heart again.  I know the truth of what I have done to you in intimacy with Me; that’s why you’re coming to me right now and why you will come to Me always.
             Knock, and I will always be open to you, beloved.  How could I ask you to come into Me and not open the Doorway for you in opportunity and ability?  I Am the Doorway, and My heart is always open to you.  ALWAYS.

[1] Websters: “A strong, continued feeling of hostility or ill will against someone . . .”
The truth of Yahweh NOT being a fair-weather God is one of the most liberating, comforting, joyous realities I have ever encountered.  It has meant everything to my trust of His deliberate, unconditional, sustaining love for me - regardless of the condition of my heartKnowing He wasn't going to "be angry" at me for missing time with Him caused me to be more mindful of making time for our intimacy because I knew He wasn't about protocol, regime, or what seemed right or "religious" in my patterns or schedules.  God is about honestly and truly wanting to spend His time with me... with all of us.
Oh, my goodness, how that indelibly affected me for all the good in existence! It was so incredibly far removed from anything I had experienced from my earthly father, it caused me to realize that, in a way, I was actually "afraid" of Daddy.  I feared disapproval from Him the same way I did my earthly father... ever feel like that?
But the victoriously glorious truth is that Jehovah God is nothing like fathers of flesh, my friends!  I had to learn that, too; and He taught me so with persevering kindness and love.
He'll do the same for you.
Beloved, Abba wants to impart the truth to you that He is not angry with you but remains FOREVER approachable, accessible, and willing to share with you His heart of unceasing love.  My prayer is that you will open your heart to Him at all times, that He will convey this overcoming truth to your spirit, your soul, and every part of your life in Jesus' Name.  God bless you all.
Daddy's Girl
"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)