Saturday, December 28, 2013

Love the Unlovable with Good Intent

God's heart is most-effectively demonstrated as tender and righteous in the lessons He teaches us while we're in the trenches of life, dealing with folks often characterized as "unlovable".  Everybody in the world knows these people, and everybody in the world has most likely been categorized by others as unlovable at one time or another.  The assessment is blatantly true of some and only perceived of others.  There are those thought to be unlovable, and those truly so - right?  Right.

But only God is capable of righteous assessments.  Moreover, once Jesus has advised us we're dealing with curmudgeons, He never leaves it there.  When we give the Lord an honest hearing, we will always hear Him ask us to love the unlovable; He never leaves that out... never.  To tell you the truth, thinking back on times I have been difficult and nearly impossible to love fills me with gratitude for His mercy.  Thank You, Jesus, for never leaving that out... for challenging us to yield to Your unconditional love and sincerely heap it on the heads of the unlovable curmudgeons out there.

A Good Story

I'm writing a bit of Christian fiction dealing with this very thing, friends.  It's somewhat simpler than life can be because at this point I'm allowing Holy Spirit to develop my chops in this area of storytelling.  But God is an accurate, powerful Teacher - and I'm a quick study!

The story is called "With Good Intent" and, in some ways, it mirrors my testimony of deliverance from many of life's discouragements.  It also addresses themes of loving the unlovable.  I love writing!

Please join me on Word Press as the story unfolds, my friends.  God willing, we'll walk through Daddy's faithfulness in the hearts of those challenged by life's trials, and we'll rejoice at their victories, together.

The Introduction and Chapter 1 are up for your enjoyment - and I thank you.

Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)