Saturday, December 14, 2013

On Rage and Outrage: Part Two

God never leaves us hanging, my friends; just as He says - seeking pays off with finding. Here's more on the discussion I began in Part One of this post.


We would be toasted ash if God ever once decided to give us the punishment we deserve for our crimes against Him (and I'm assuring myself of this more than anyone); but God Himself has chosen the better way... the more excellent way.  As free-willed souls, He merely asks us to choose the same way so He can call us true sons and daughters, and we can righteously claim Him as Father.

If I choose Daddy's way, it means allowing Holy Spirit to speak Christ's words to my spirit every time I'm tempted to go ballistic; and then heeding His words above the persuasive shouts of fleshly entitlements.

To me, the most powerful truth of all is that the choice to FORGIVE disarms all entitlement - justified or otherwise.

Daddy turned aside from the right He had to destroy mankind and, instead, chose to save it.  From sparing the house of Noah to redeeming all of humanity through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus the Christ, God put all rage and outrage aside.  For me, walking righteously in Him means genuinely choosing to do the same thing.  It does for you, too.

Let's pray. . .

[Merciful Father, thank You for talking me through this and every instance of challenge in the flesh. In Jesus' Name, I ask that You please forgive me for every time and place I have held offense and allowed it to manifest itself in rage and outrage. Lord, I turn my back on fleshly entitlements, self-justification, and all unrighteousness.

Father, I ask that Your truth penetrate the souls of everyone reading, that we all will submit to Your holiness in handling rage, outrage, and every other buffeting emotion. We give ourselves over to Obedience, Jesus; we choose Your way - please appropriate its power and operatives to us all. In Your precious Name we ask it.  Amen.]

Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)