Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Only God Knows Who You Are

Who are you?  Do you know?

I don't mean who do you think you are... I mean, who are you?  Do you know?

Seen through the eyes of the Lord, I've realized over the last two decades especially that only God holds the answer to that question for any of His creation.

We know (or at least think we do) what we like and what we're good at.  We know what makes us comfortable and uncomfortable, for the most part.  But, often, what we don't realize is that NONE of those things has anything to do with who we truly are.  The answer is a simple, glorious, stress-reliever, IMO.

We are children of God.  Honestly, it's that simple.  Those who know Jesus the Christ as Lord and Savior are children of God, period.  Who we are is summed up there.  Said just as simply in the form of encouragement and freedom:  because I belong to Jesus, I don't ever have to try to "be" anything or anyone but who I truly am in God - His blood-washed daughter.  What are the two greatest attributes of a son or daughter of God?  Trust and Obedience.

Everything else is HIS to accomplish in us by His Power.

Some might ask, what about the assignments you've been given by God?  The whole "pastor", "seer", "teacher" thing He's called you into?  Aren't you called to be these things in Jesus?

Legitimate questions, surely, and ones God will not mock or scorn.  To these questions, my answer is the same as Jesus' words to the disciples back in John 14:10 - 
"Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father in Me?  The words that I speak to you I do not speak on My own authority; but the Father Who dwells in Me, HE does the works."
Through faith in Christ, we have become part of the Family of God.  The Father dwells in us, and we dwell in the Father.  Thank God.  We do not need to speak or operate in any way on our own authority (nor could we, effectively); rather, Daddy takes the reins and does all the operating Himself!  He affects all the operatives He's cultivated in me as "pastor", "teacher", and "seer" (just like He said He would)!  He fills my mouth with His wisdom and dwells in my hands and feet to lead me where I should go; He orchestrates Divine appointments and truly "directs my paths", Saints.  "HE does the works" and it is amazing!  I just trust Him and obey His directives to my spirit and, ultimately, REJOICE at what He has done!  It never fails!  Amen!

Free to "Be"

So, while Daddy sees to the "doing", we can revel in the "being"... in just "being" His sons and daughters, finding out what is His total heart's desire for all of us in that place.  It is a place of freedom and realization of purpose and meaning beyond fathoming, friends!

Surpassing anything we've ever imagined are the riches and wonders encompassing even the most minuscule revelation of His heart!  God's character revealed - in even the smallest increment our frailties can receive - renders all of eternity's benefit to our souls, forever!

Beloved, just cooperate with Daddy and keep saying YES to all of His directives; let HIM do the work He's assigned to your life as your spirit-man rises within you to trust and obey.  Pray about everything, and let His directives guide you; obey them with all of your heart, mind, soul, and strength, turning your back on the chiding of the enemy or his attempts to shake God's confidence within you.

Ask Holy Spirit to set your heart on walking in increasingly greater revelation of the "child of God" Christ Jesus has made you.  Never fear, Daddy will reveal these truths to you the more time you spend with Him in repentance, praise, and worship with a yielded, honest heart.

Spend time at His feet, then on His lap, then at His Breast learning and hugging and squeezing and drawing from Him continually.  There's nothing He likes better than spending time with His kids with no performance, intellect, or pressures of any kind barring the way.  (The enemy does not want us to know that but, with all of my heart, I declare its truth!)

Quality time with Him is chiefly what Daddy asks of us, because indulging His desires draws from His Bosom the greater and deeper meaning of exactly who we are and what it's like to truly "be" a child of the Living God.  He wants that for each and every one of us.

Who could ask for anything more?


Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)