Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thank God for Wash 'N Wear!

Me, in black & white
I'm a simple person.  Not necessarily plain, but definitely simple (as in, uncomplicated).  Many things are black and white for me.  Being a "beaver" personality, for the most part, I stick to the script  without complications - you know what I mean?  For instance, instructions from God I try my best to follow to the letter without deviation; I'm not the type to improvise in those ways.

As with everything, my creativity is born of God and is plenteous, but I am used to His blessings befalling me with quiet intensity.  Daddy's "still waters" really do run deep, and that fascinates me endlessly.  I am riveted by walking into a silent room filled with His holy angels, approaching His Throne on bended knee, and seeing His arms open wide for me.  There's nothing better than glimpsing my Heavenly Father's face and welcoming smile.

Being Playfully Real. . .

I'm feeling kind of light minded in my thinking today regarding God's blessings.  The first thing that strikes me is how grateful I am for simplicity, as I've said.  More specifically, though, I am tremendously thankful for the "wash 'n wear" hair He's given me.  Yep, I'm not kidding.  (Like I've said - I'm not complicated.)

Wash 'n wear, from behind
The first and best reason I'm relieved to be crowned with soft, curly locks is that I am not a "glamour girl".  I know and love many women who delight in dressing up and balancing with grace on 5-inch heels; I'm not knocking any of that.  In truth, my own mother was a glamour girl, and you know how much I adore her.  As similar as we two have been, however, this is one place our similarities diverge.  :0)

Daddy knew this... and the beauty of it is that's completely okay.  I love that about Him; unity in diversity hallmarks His ways.

What About You?

How many times have you marveled at close families whose members are so radically different in personality, it makes you wonder how they could actually be related?  Their love for God is sometimes their only commonality, but it's the most important element.  That's what makes observing their uniqueness so much fun (at least for me).  Bouncy buoyant optimism in one - quiet, seriousness in another - a musical obsession in the third - and yet all from the same mother and father.  Absolutely fascinating, IMO. 

Only our God can do that, and only our God can make it totally okay.

What mesmerizes you about Daddy?  What qualities - physical, emotional, spiritual - are you most thankful that He's granted you?  Do you ever think about such things?  I do, and I enjoy sharing my thoughts of gratitude with all of you.

Also, I am immensely thankful for wash 'n wear hair!

Hope you're smiling.
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)