Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Prayer of Love, Adoration, & Praise

Merciful God, I want the truth of Your attentions to surround me.  You know me, God; You know everything about me and yet You love me!  I need Your attention... I need Your affection... I need You completely.  I want to feel the worthiness You've ascribed to my person penetrate my psyche and my imaginations... let them be all about You.

You know me altogether, Lord, and that's all that matters.  As I sing to You, sing to me! Stroke me in the midnight hour with Your love and acceptance as I sing the song to You that resounds in my heart; one of love and devotion and intimate PRAISE.  For I love You and all of Your ways.  I want to be Your child in every way that matters... and that is every way.  I want to represent You and Your holiness and never be lost in the things of this world.  I am one with You.  Yours is the way I've chosen and with You I will remain.  I adore You and I desire to wear You with vigor and honesty and zeal, wrapping You around my breast like a shawl for warmth and covering.  I want Your change... Your refreshing... Your love.

Enable me to accept and receive You as the only attention in my life, for You are worthy. You are what matters... You are what counts.  You are the gift and prize of life, and I bless Your Precious Holy Name.

Your approval is the only approval, and Your hand upon me washes away all fears of emptiness and rejection. Let me never embrace neglect or its harmful lies, but cause me to answer Your calls of affection and cherishing waiting for me, for YOU are my Source! 

HALLELUJAH!  YOU are my Source of all extravagant LOVE!

I am never empty or lacking or refused or alone... for Mighty Father, YOU are my Source! Let Your "Son" shine on me all the day and, in the evening, grant me Your refreshing in peaceful rest.

Thank You, my Father, that You alone are all I need.  The blessings of Your people are reflections of Your Soul, and I delight in them.  But the richest part of my existence comes when I close all doors to this world's offerings to embrace the inner beatings of Your heart - for You are adoration and peace and comfort and grace.  You are humility, health, and wholeness for my life, and I crave Your reception of my soul and spirit. I want Your attentions always, dear God; I covet Your embrace.  Thank You for always - and I mean always - receiving my entreaties and comforting me.  You are my sole Support and the Master of all my Godly ways.  Thank You, Father.

I walk through the Door of Your Son's Obedience, and I bless Your Holy Name.  Amen.

Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)