Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Have Love

How do you look into the face of evil and choose to have love?  Only by God's power.  It is pleasing to Daddy that we look on love as the answer and cure to all things.  Remember, HE is Love.

Proving your point, wielding snappy "comebacks", and showing off intellectual prowess does nothing to impress God or mark His heart toward you.  He knows we are helpless without Him.

He is moved by the heart and hands lifted up to Him empty, longing for fullness only sourced from Him.  The human who knows the true circumstance of total dependence and blesses God for it gets through to His Holy Place.  The threshold of complete humility and trust - and all they entail and imply - welcomes our God regularly; its doorposts shelter the head of the Almighty in honor and strength.  Within the walls of humility and trust stand the wisdom of the Teacher... He Who imparts life-changing transformation and, therefore, ability to look into the face of evil and choose to have love.  Humility faithfully receives His teaching as the penetrating truth it is, bowing to it in faithful gratitude.  Trust wraps the gems of His teaching in packages of obedient application and appropriation, for His righteousness is travel-worthy and ready to face the world.

The power of God is an unfathomable mixture of milk and passion and meat and cream; character and worthiness and abiding faithfulness whose fragrance is beyond the senses, taking control of the living soul and transforming it into "His" greatness in favor and cleansing and holiness and health.  Such is God's power as far as humanity can understand - which isn't very far - but what we can grasp and hold by His mercy is enough to mark our beings with redeeming love to a level unapproachable by evil. 

In other words, when we're totally clothed with Jesus, the enemy can't even come into our neighborhood, let alone touch us.  And when we're breathing Christ like the air we breathe on earth - nurtured and fed and renewed by Him - when the rarified air of Heaven enters our spirit lungs we can love our enemies from blocks away or even up close, because we're loving with hearts we've given over to Jesus Who cried for their forgiveness and then died for it.  For theirs and ours.

Christ is the warmest, securest, most satisfying, wise, exciting, and fulfilling garment we can ever wear - and we were born to wear Him.  The Father made it our right to wear Jesus as our own when we accepted His plan for our reconciliation to Him.  I am so indelibly owned and operated by God that adequate expression of my love often escapes these human lips; only Holy Spirit does its true song of simplicity within me due justice.

God loved me first, and now I love Him back.  Clinging to the humility and trust abiding in His Bosom rights all wrongs and recovers all loss, forever.  As long as I'm wearing Jesus the Christ as my Eternal, Royal Garment, I can look right into the eyes of evil and choose to have love.  That, more than anything, well pleases the heart of the Father.  Amen.

Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)