Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How Do You Start Your Day?

I don’t want to merely begin my day by drawing from God for the things that I need to accomplish online.  I want to prioritize the "fellowship" and "friendship" of our relationship by talking with Him and praying to Him.  I want to look into those emerald-green eyes of His and bless Him for the day by "knowing Him" intimately in our secret place through praise and worship.

The place where I praise Him and cry to Him and speak in tongues until my heart feels light is the place I want to be.  Such union is initiated while I'm still in bed, releasing my mind to thoughts of gratitude in being His precious seed.

Today I started this way, and I’m glad I did.

God wants me to love on Him; in other words, give Him my attention as a priority each morning with the same favor He has given me and with the same measure of gladness that bursts from Him whenever I'm in His presence.  He wants my passion. He waits for me to awake each day so that we can have intimate, treasured, fellowship.  I want to remember that.

How much of a priority is your fellowship with God?  How much of a priority is talking to Him, hearing from Him, singing and dancing before Him, and letting Him know the joy that fills your heart at the mention of His Name?  How far up on your list of 'critical things' is quiet intimacy with God?  I want spending time with Him to be at the top of mine.

Waking up and rushing out of bed is not how I want to start my day.  Rather, I want to start it talking to Daddy and praying to Him in my Heavenly language until Holy Spirit catches me up in the goodness of His intent for me for the day.  As we pray, we draw on His heart in the same way kind words draw tenderness from loved ones.  He blesses our countenance with love in return; it’s always awaiting our attentions.  He needs and desires our love just as we need and desire His. Remember that our tenderness and longings for closeness are spawned from His because He is our Creator.  Every good and perfect thing (including the thirst for love) comes from His Breast.  We want because He wants; we laugh because He laughs; we desire and need fellowship because He desires and needs fellowship.

[Beloved, don’t put God in the detached, unemotional box of your definitions and intellect, figuring He doesn’t desire our company or “need” our fellowship just because He’s (what you define as) “God”.  In order to attain the level of relationship He longs for with us, Daddy “needs” our cooperation and attention; He also “needs” our desires to align with His because He will not force agreement.  That’s the nature of “need” in His union with us; it speaks not of weakness or deficit on His part, but of His yearning, and hope, and request for our part.  God doesn’t “need” anything to be God… but He needs our love and agreement and obedience to have mature fellowship with us; without them, He cannot.]

I want to bless His Name and call Him Father and feel His warmth in righteousness and Holy joy - that’s “set apart” joy and gladness, meant especially for me - as He showers it upon me when I pray.  He wants us to hug Him so that He can return our embrace and flood us with His presence.  This can happen every day, a million times; Daddy wants it to, and so do I.

Friends, start the day turning to God as to your lover in the marriage bed.  Stroke His hair, embrace Him, and bless His Name; tell Him that you love Him and desire to build your day around Him.  As we regard Him, He will regard us and orchestrate our activities to meet our needs.  Amen.

Daddy’s Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)