Tuesday, January 28, 2014

One more sneeze and I'll...

Yep, it's here again... another winter cold.  I had one last season also, remember that post?

If your memory's been refreshed, you know that I try to make the most of these seasons of strengthening and growth for my immune system by giving way to Daddy's comforting sense of humor.  Laughter can be found in almost anything and is a God-given tonic, scripture says. It beats crabbiness and crying.  Besides, IMO, if I can't laugh at myself in precarious situations, I've got more to pray about than a cold!  ;0)

This morning I thought of some "not so fun" facts regarding the cranial onslaught of infection laughingly referred to as a head cold and, yesss... I'm gonna share a few with y'all!

For instance:
  • Although it may be impossible to sneeze with your eyes open, it is entirely possible to sneeze and pass gas simultaneously! I truly believe that after the 250th time you brace your "cheeks" for impact, the sphincter muscle just gives up, and you're on your own... (Common colds are fraught with humiliation.)                                                                                                                          
  • Mucous comes in all colors of the rainbow and makes excellent mortar for building tissue forts. (Okay, a little gross - but it gives new meaning to the term "green" construction!)                                                                 
  • You know your fever's broken when a dry bed of comfort transforms - overnight - to a swampy, sticky, river of sweat. (Man-up, Sharon! Strap on the SCUBA gear and get back to bed.)

Well, friends, as much as I'd love to prolong this path of fond recollection and diaries of nasal congestion... there's a cup of tea, popular antihistamine, and long nap waiting with my name on them.

I solicit your continued prayers for a speedy recovery.

Smiling through the sneezes,
(Photos by Sharon J. Gramling)

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)