Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Say YES to the Arrest

God is calling forth the fragrance He has placed within you from before the earth's foundation.  He's calling it forth now to arrest your soul in obedience that will ripple and reverberate into the lives of others in puddles, then pools, then ponds, lakes, rivers, and oceans of deliverance and declarative strength.

Generational power by His Spirit is ours with each new birthing surpassing that of the previous generation in fragrance and substance and obedience to His Divine call. 

Photo used under Creative Commons from roberthuffstutter

Bow your knees before God and allow Him to anoint your lives further than ever with the fragrance of His love, purpose, and plans for you.  Seek Him out in that holy place reserved for just you two - your prayer closet - to know all that He has for your spirit-man to bear and behold as you are able to receive.  He is waiting and willing to reveal it to you that you may experience ALL of Him in His Coffers of Plenty.

His fragrance fully surpasses all you could ask or think, and He desires each of us to behold Him in the beauty and intimacy He shares with the Father.  Moreover, He particularly longs for each of us to partake of that oneness in unity and strength.  His JOY awaits us, beloved! It's there for the taking when we answer His call.  Say YES to Jesus, as He calls forth the fragrance of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit within you.  Say YES to all He has for you in Divine circumstance and designation in His Kingdom.  Yield to His plans for greater focus and boldness to enter your lives.  Let His fragrance "arrest" you and fill you with all of His purposeful will and pleasure, today.

Daddy's Girl

"fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)