Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Way Out of Wickedness

In my opinion, no matter how colorfully patterned, spiders are ugly creatures. Spiritually speaking, their webs are symbolic of deception - "wicked plans" always involve some form of it.

Think about the most wickedly devised plan of all - that of satan to steal dominion of the soul of mankind and the earth - deception was the engine that drove it.  While it's true that obedience from Adam or Eve would have destroyed his entire offensive, the overall scheme was an abomination to God.

All who "lay in wait" to launch wicked plans birthed from even more wicked hearts are in league and alliance with the enemy.  Cain was "of that wicked one" when he conceived in his heart to slay Abel.  In jealous animosity, the Pharisees "plotted" to do away with Christ.

Scripture plainly states, "the wicked plots against the just and seeks to slay him."  Nearly all such plots and schemes are realized via some form of deception.  More simply put, lies are the key device of the enemy and all those who follow him.  Like a sac of eggs yielding millions of tiny spiders, deceptive plans burst forth and cover the heart of the deceiver with crawlers and feelers of trickery and deceit.

Disgusting, isn't it?  Such malicious cruelty and harm fly in the face of God's loving, holy thoughts toward us expressed in Jeremiah 9:11.  Wicked plans are the exact opposite of Abba's compassionate, positive nature.  Understandably, such things He hates.

What About You?

Have you ever planned harm against another?  To God, the sin of planning is the same as the sin of executing; it's what's going on in the heart  that counts with Him.  Scripture says the "devising" is what He hates because, to Him, if you hatch it in your heart, you've done it.

If that's the case, there's a way to be freed from the wages sin carries:  repentance.  It's such a sweet word, actually.  It's an open door to freedom in Jesus He died to provide for us.  Through a prayer of sincerity, all you need do is release those evil plans and turn your back on the hatred that spawned them.  Whatever the reason, cause, or circumstance behind it, giving the situation over to God is your best answer; laying down all cruelty, malice, and/or evil intent.

Friends - whether you've plotted or been a target of the enemy's wicked plans - if starting with a clean slate is your desire, please join me in these prayers:

[Dear Father in Heaven, please have mercy on me.  I ask Your forgiveness for every wicked device I have planned against anyone, ever.  I remand to Your custody the hurtful intent of my heart and its pain.  I ask You to forgive me and heal me of deception and all deceptive plots, in Jesus' Name.  I pray Your restoration over my heart, mind, will, and emotions and ask You to heal the hearts of all those I have wounded through evil plans or devices; in Jesus' Name I pray and thank You.  Amen.

Father, by Your power, I also choose to forgive all those who have devised wicked plots or plans against me.  I remand them to Your custody and ask that You cover them with Your unconditional love and forgiveness.  Please fill my heart with Your desires for them, in Christ Jesus' Name I pray.  Amen.]

God bless y'all.
Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)