Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Believing the "Absolutes"

Back in January 2010 the Lord gave me a word through a younger sister in Christ, and I came across it recently while looking through my journals.  Here's a portion of what it said:

"My Precious one, hear this day that I Am faithful in all that you have asked and think.  I tell you, there will be no more struggle anywhere else in your life.  No more struggle in finances, compassion, and forgiveness.  Your heart is pure and right before Me.  You have truly yielded everything to Me on a consistent basis.  It pleases Me more than you could ever imagine that you have taken hold of My True and Holy vision and have sought My Heavenly Realm that it would manifest here on earth..."

The part of this word I'm focusing on today is this:  "I tell you, there will be no more struggle anywhere else in your life.  No more struggle in finances, compassion, and forgiveness."

I was telling my twin sister Lynette that, when this word came four years ago, I was struggling in many areas.  I'd been laid off work for a year and was relying on dwindling unemployment benefits to pay the bills while I searched for part-time work as an online transcriptionist and sweated out each week wondering what I'd do after UI benefits ceased.  My heart was a veritable proving grounds for the tug-of-war that raged between past and present wounding and my reluctance to forgive.  To say the very least, I was struggling; so, when this word was read to me, although I accepted it gratefully I had difficulty actually receiving it, if you know what I mean.

My prideful, defensive, intellectual (and fearful) side thought it was "very sweet" of my young friend to get a word for me saying that there would be NO MORE struggle in my life but, deep inside, I found that promise too much of an "absolute" to swallow.  Yet again, I underestimated and doubted God and His ability to completely bless and deliver me beyond my wildest imaginings and dreams.

However, Daddy loved me through all that doubt, fear, and unbelief.  Since my heart was aligned in obedience to His plan for me - regardless of my inability to fully grasp His promises of "no more" struggle - He brought His word and will to pass.  Brick by brick His Spirit taught me how to do without worldly provision.  He weaned me, gently, off of unemployment checks and even monies received from my work in transcription.  He commissioned finances from brothers and sisters in Christ's Body, and rewarded me for willingly seeding in to His Kingdom's works for decades through tithes, offerings, and love gifts.

Inwardly, I underwent several deep deliverances of my heart, mind, and emotions enabling me to have and show compassion and grant forgiveness in areas of personal life never before surrendered to His will.  While it's true that deliverances of every kind are ongoing in my life on varying levels and will be until death, I JOYFULLY admit, declare, and testify that - as of this day and this writing, in Jesus' Name - there is NO MORE "struggle" in my life in areas of finances, compassion, or forgiveness.  Period.  When challenges come, I don't try to handle them myself - I give them to God with no struggle. (I cover that testimony with Christ's Blood in Christ's Name.)

God's word through that sister came to pass in every way, and Jesus loved me through each hurdle of unbelief.  I'm here to tell all of you experiencing intense transitioning from dependence upon self to dependence upon God that God is Faithful.  He understands our fears and only asks that we remain obedient to His directives throughout His processing.  When we do, He will fulfill every promise He has made in every way He has made it; He will even heal us of unbelief in the face of "absolutes".


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)