Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Desire to "Live with Abandon"!

"I want to live with abandon,
give You all that I am!
Every part of my life, Jesus
I place in Your hands!"
(Newsboys - Live With Abandon Copyright © 2013 Newsboys, Inc. under exclusive license to Sparrow Records)
That song says it all for me, dear friends - especially these additional lyrics,
"I'm not looking back,
I'm done with that.
I want to give You
This song by the Newsboys expresses the exact beat of my heart in this place of new beginnings Daddy has given to me, beloved!  (Be blessed by the YouTube video.)
I've always desired the abandon of a thoroughbred and the wings of an eagle, and He's given them to me.  Now, I walk with the angels in the realms of His glory, and the world has no hold on me!  HIS world is waiting for me and for all of you, my friends...  STRETCH OUT ON HIM with no fear - only faith.
Determine to live with abandon and place every single increment of your heart, mind, will, and emotions into Jesus' hands!  He takes you very seriously, and your declarations seal you into His loving plan.  Don't be afraid... TRUST HIM.  Let Him pursue you, win you, and take you higher!  Call on Holy Spirit to enable you to release your entire being into His capable, powerful, passionate arms.  He will not fail you. 
I declare it as truth in His Precious, Holy Name!
Living with abandon and loving it...
"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)