Thursday, February 6, 2014

Let GOD Be Your Shield

Back in the day, I used my intellect to protect me.  I used it to shield my emotions and shield me from emotions... how they frightened and confronted me!

Thanks to Daddy, I now cancel fear in Jesus' Name, realizing that wherever I try to "shield" myself, God can't shield me.  But He's not going to shove me aside so that He can deliver me; He asks me to yield to His protection.  If I'm too afraid, I won't see that I can trust Him; if I don't trust Him, I won't yield; and, if I don't yield, I won't be delivered.

That's why God took such pains to expose my "intellectual issues" delicately - because I was always so afraid, and I had been so wounded and betrayed by those closest to me.  Sound familiar to anyone?  At one instance of life or another we've all been betrayed; we've certainly all been wounded.  We don't all use intellect as our shield, but we all duck behind something.

What's your fleshly shield and manner of self-defense?  Perhaps it's beauty, popularity, wealth, or even depression?  Whatever the device used to sidestep life's problems and emotions, the truth is those devices separate us from God, but it doesn't have to be that way. The way out is through grabbing hold of Jesus Christ in humility, confession, and repentance. There's no need to "hide" from Him.

Daddy is well aware of our wounds and fears.  He desires our release but, nearly every time, the fleshly boils must first be lanced to bring healing.

I had to stop trying to "figure things out" and just drop to my face before God.  I had to surrender my so-called intellectual shield.  That's exactly what He wanted, and then He was swift to perform the (spiritual) surgery I needed to facilitate redemption and healing in this place.  On the other side of His Masterful Hand of healing lies permanent and powerful authority in areas of intercession for others with similar struggles.  HALLELUJAH!  It was all worth it, and His tender love and mercy in deliverance for my life continues.  The journey goes from Glory to Glory in His Name, my friends, and He will without question or hesitation do the self-same thing for you!

Are you willing?  Let's pray...

[Almighty God, please enable us to depart from our own protections and structures and submit to Your will for our freedom.  Father, let the light of Your Humility illuminate our lives such that we will denounce and cast out all fear and foreboding hindering Your Hand of radical change in our lives.  We ask Your Spirit of Perfect Love and Faith to overtake us as counters to fear. Holy Spirit, we welcome You and give You permission to destroy all that separates us from God that we may begin to be delivered, healed, and aligned with Abba's plan for our liberty in all areas. In Jesus' Name we pray. Amen.]

God bless you all.


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)