Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Soul Says, "Amen"

Merciful God, You have treated me with such loving kindness over all the years of my life, I cannot help but worship You.

Revealing Yourself to me has been (and is) the most special gift of my life; acquainting me with the inner workings of Your heart I regard as the most sacred of Your impartations.

I bless Your Holy Name with every fiber of my being, O, Great and Mighty King!

Yet, You also sit with me in the midnight hour and dry every tear from my eyes... You monitor my breathing like a mother hen broods over her chicks.  You give me everything of life and love I need to feel wholly nourished and well looked after.  I know You care for me.

Father, I love You with an inexpressible love!  Only my heart can bear it before You, and You understand every word.  You are to me, ALL THINGS, and I am blessed by the mention of Your Name.

Jesus, You are my all in all; You carry my thoughts of love and extreme devotion to Abba with pleasure and JOY.  You are the Door to His Heart, Mind, Will, and Emotions... Your Blood has opened that door to me.

I love the Godhead far more than my own soul, and there is nothing I wouldn't yield to keep our relationship strong and clear, whole and holy.  From my heart's depths, I LOVE YOU.

My soul says, "Amen", dear Lord, and all of my being agrees.

I am forever and always Your beloved...

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)