Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I have learned to always regard God's definitions above my own... usually instead of my own. As a matter of truth, whenever I want a quick course on God's will regarding anything, I usually stop to consider the approach my flesh would take, and then do just the opposite.

The flesh will never align with God's plan, will, and directives because it is at war with Him.  Period.

Knowing that Daddy's chastisement of us comes from His love of us AND His desire to bless us is an example of my yielding to His definitions instead of my own. Yes, scripture makes it clear that God chastises every son and daughter He has accepted and that without His extreme care-taking, monitoring, and discipline we're rudderless and fatherless to boot. God's correction is a good thing.

But what has particularly blessed me of late regarding this point is a word He gave me just yesterday regarding why He points out sin in my life. Here's an excerpt I pray will bless you:

"Blessing is what I'm after.  Blessing is what I desire to bestow on My Beloved, constantly, and if I see sin is in the way, I will 'focus' on removing that sin - pressing My heart into the heart of the Godly - delicately - that they will yield to what I have planned for them in blessing through deliverance from sin."

For me, this simple explanation carries great power, because it tells me the character of our God is ALWAYS benevolent, ALWAYS altruistic, and ALWAYS faithfully progressing His plan upon our souls for our certain good.

It must be agonizing for God - being the Source of Giving - to not be enabled to bless and bless and bless the way He wants.  He is ALL ABOUT blessing, not cursing.  It broke His heart that He had to curse the earth for man's sake, but it was benevolence in Him in His love for us to do so.  He had earth bear a huge brunt of sin's repercussions because He took us from the ground, but for the actual redemption of the souls of mankind, only He could pay the proper ransom and penalty - so He did.  God is always seeking to rescue us from our own godless perpetrations, leaving His wisdom, growth, and refinement necessary for transformation filling the void.

When I come in to Him as I'm supposed to so that I can be delivered and freed, He blesses me.  Then, when time comes for further, elevated blessing to be released He moves into place to bestow it... but then sees more of my sin blocking His way.  That's when He comes to me and delicately presses His heart "into the heart of the Godly... that they will yield..."

God's never the problem, y'all - I am.  We are.  BUT HE LOVES ME/US ANYWAY!  He knows He's dealing with (not even dirt, but) dust, and that's why He SO appreciates even the least we do to sincerely submit to Him in obedience.  He approaches me to bless me, not to curse or condemn me... and when He finds sin, He asks for my cooperation so that He can take it away, that He might move forward with His goal for my life and all of our lives... BLESSING.

Boy, I had God all wrong, Saints.  His FIRST motivation is BLESSING, but accomplishing that goal necessitates the removal of sin - and that's my junk, not His.  But He loves me so much He dedicates Himself to removing it from my life so that He can get back to the good stuff... the stuff He planned in the first place... what He longs for and longs to do...


His definitions are Truth, and so is He.  Daddy is all we need.

May His Eternal Plan of Blessings be brought forth unto all of you,

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)