Thursday, April 3, 2014

Here's Why We Praise

All our lives we've heard truths like, demons tremble when we praise the Lord... and this is so. But it's not the whole story, beloved.

Whenever God's children praise Him out of a pure heart of love and thanksgiving - whether following such miracles as He showed Moses or simply during times of regular intimacy - demons do much more than tremble.  Through God's Spirit I have beheld them literally destroying themselves and each other while Daddy's kids praise and exalt Him.  They turn on themselves like cowardly beggars, feeding on their own flesh.  They turn on each other like the disloyal, twice-damned thieves they became when they forsook the Lord of Glory and left their first estate.

God's praises carry power to conquer the flesh altogether and to continually remind the enemy of his powerless state.  BUT THAT'S NOT THE TRUEST REASON WE PRAISE GOD. No, sir.

Hallelujah to His Majestic Mighty Name... we praise God our Father because He IS.  We praise Him just because He is the Self-Existent One and the coolest Brother out there!  ISN'T THAT THE REAL TRUTH?!  Of course it is!

We praise our Father because we are crazy about HIM... and because EVERYTHING IN HEAVEN AND EARTH AND IN ALL ETERNITY IS ALL ABOUT HIM!  Because there is NONE like Him and we want the universe to know we belong to Him and LOVE Him more than our very existence!

THAT'S why we praise Daddy.  Yep, it's an awesome perk that the demons are subject to us in His Name and also "believe and tremble" as scripture says but - also according to scripture - IT'S NOT TO BE THE FOCUS OF OUR JOY OR REJOICING...
"Nevertheless do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rather rejoice because your names are written in Heaven." (Luke 10:20)
THAT'S what I'm rejoicing about!  I'm a daughter of the Most High God Who is Majestic in Holiness and Awesome in Glory... who of the puny, so-called "gods" in any world can touch Him to be like Him?


For there is NONE like unto OUR GOD... full of Goodness and Truth, Mercy and Grace, showing forgiveness to thousands of generations of those who LOVE Him, and having mercy on all who sincerely call upon Him and faithfully await His appearing...

HALLELUJAH! That's why we praise the Lord God Almighty, friends! In a nutshell, it's...


Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)