Thursday, April 24, 2014

Out of the Pit: His Inroads

God told me that tenderness is the greatest inroad to my heart.  He knows that so many things I value lay beneath the "tenderness" umbrella also - like kindness, consideration, gentleness, and honesty. He told me that when He approaches my heart with His tenderness, I will do anything He asks.  He's right.

Daddy also knows I've longed for these things my whole life and constantly yield to their infusion into my being. God's tenderness drew me out of my heart of selfishness and unforgiveness... it's still doing so.  Self-loathing and self-pity most recently appeared on the list of decedents fallen to His merciful deliverance... that's still happening also.

In the midst of it all, Christ grants me visitations and blessings of His own life imparted to my body; mingled with and attached to my soul to keep me looking forward into His face. His kindness is no joke or prank on me, and He will not take it away.  I cannot adequately express how vitally important that truth is to my heart as a woman, and as His child.

Here's an encounter He shared with me to bless and encourage my soul and strengthen me in the confidence of His love... I'd usually share this on Beyond the Veil, but it has so much to do with His true and splendid heart for me (and all of us), I know Daddy's Girl readers will benefit from it, too.

The Lord stood in the rain and waited for me with His hand outstretched.  I joined Him in the rain and watched it wash His head and shoulders and soak His Godly frame.

He turned towards me, I turned towards Him and watched the drops dive from His lashes to His mouth; as He blinked, slight splashes hit my face.  He held my cheek in His warm, strong hand, and I looked into His caring eyes.

He breathed so deeply His healing breath that it surprised my insides.  Then He kissed me and held my rain-soaked face to His breast as the wisdom on His lips seeped through to my tongue, warming my frame.  God's kisses taste like honey, and each one drips with the knowledge of the Father's "inner courts".  How lovely...

We stood there in the rain, my Lord and I, and nothing could breach the deep knowing of me established by His touch and by His willingness to wait... and not withdraw His hand.

He's willing to be the One waiting with hope for my heart to respond.  He's willing to give me all the time I need to learn and to grow in intimate trust of His heart.  He teaches me my value so tenderly that I cannot walk away from His love or resist His affectionate call.

He is my Lover, after all, as well as my Friend... and my King... and my God. He is forever my Beloved, and I am forever His.  Amen.

What's the greatest inroad to your heart?  Will you release it to the Lord?  He awaits you.


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)