Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Out of the Pit: Self Love

Certain realizations I must come to before God can even begin to approach dealing with my struggles with self love.  Please bear with me as I discuss what's He's lovingly revealed to my spirit.

God looks at me through the veil of Christ's blood.  That was His idea, His plan of mercy because of His great love.  God's unconditional love of me isn't a "mechanical" thing, it's an emotional thing.  It's not solely based on His character, but wholly based on His heart.

"For God so loved the world that He gave..." We all know the verse, don't we?  But how many of us actually let the living, breathing emotion of it sink into our spirits?

God's love of us is very personal, decisive, and intentional.  It doesn't exist apart from His will - it's not something He just can't help because it's automatic; how that depersonalizes Him!

I'm coming into the true realization that God is "all up in our kool-aid" because HE WANTS TO BE, not because it's just the nature of Love and since He is Love that's how it has to be! Our God is not a prisoner to His own character or emotions; rather, He is the Self-Existent One, in full control of it all... and His passion for us is real and deliberate.

What's more, Daddy absolutely cringes every time we say to ourselves or to others that we are not special.  Saints, we ARE special to God!  Do you truly believe He would sacrifice His beloved Son for anyone or anything not special to Him?

Most times we avoid thinking we're special because the notion is so often misunderstood as meaning we're "better than" others or hold some advantage others don't or cannot hold. That's not what God has communicated to me; He deals in TRUTH, not comparison.  Our God looks straight into our eyes and tells us what we mean to Him.  He tells me I have value and worth and that - TO HIM - I am special.  He feels the same way about all of us.

Daddy gave Jesus to us - not because He had no choice or say in the matter, but - because He so loved.  It was a conscious, willing, emotional decision born completely of His heart of Love.  The fiery coals of God's heart birthed the plan of salvation, not an isolated, knee-jerk reflex of His character.  Yes, God is Love and it is His nature to Love, but He does not love us blindly.  God's plan of redemption was based upon His heart's passionate, decisive desperation to be reconciled and reunited to His beloved, "special" creation. That's how He views you and me.

That's a huge part of what I've had to recognize in yielding all self-loathing to His powerful, Holy hands.  For me, it's super-important I understand and absorb that God doesn't love me or value me just because He's bound by His character apart from His own will; that's ridiculous.  Rather, Daddy loves me because He wants to; He's chosen to because I'm special to Him, and that choice is what's upheld by His immutable character in Righteousness and Faithfulness, forever.

[Merciful Father, we relinquish and repent of embracing all lies of worthlessness and self-loathing.  By the Fire of Your Holy Spirit, please seal within us the Truth of our value and Your unconditional love of us. We bless You in Jesus Christ's Name. We agree with every ounce of Your unfailing, passionate, deliberate love of us, and we accept and receive the truth that we are special to You, and we are special beings because of Your great love of us. We choose to walk in that Truth as changed, redeemed, restored vessels belonging solely and wholly to You. Thank You, dearest, darling Father; in Jesus' Name we pray. Amen.]

Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)