Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Out of the Pit: A Series

In terms of deliverance, the farther forward we go with God, the farther backward He goes with us.

I've been experiencing that pretty pointedly for about a week.  Things and people encountered at the very beginning of my struggles with personal betrayals, my identity, molestation, sexual sins, and self-loathing (to name a few) have been surfacing from what seems the deepest pit of my memories and emotions.

At first I blamed the various recurrences on the enemy, like a lot of us do.  But then Holy Spirit reminded me that, when Daddy is targeting an area in our lives for deliverance and healing, the infected tissue beneath the wound must be exposed for cleaning.  It's not the sin He's bringing up - for that's been covered by Christ's Blood - but the resulting pollutant debris in the stream of my God-given emotions and well-being must be stirred up, fished out, and destroyed.  It's up to me to yield each one of those recollections to Jesus when they surface in my mind, because God's timing for their demise and my freedom from their caustic shackles has come.

The weight-bearing, care-worn, clouded stream  of my being must be cleansed completely by His pure water. The River of Life must run clear and cold through the heated, pressured clods of the past to bring truth, clarity, and Daddy's Righteous Holdings to every area.  Total freedom is His goal for my life, and there's still more to go and much more to come, in His Name.

So, in the next few posts (I don't know how many), my friends, as God leads I will discuss the process through which He's carrying me while drawing me even closer to the treasures of His heart.  I know the past is a cruel bedfellow, hoarding wicked emotions and evil intentions; therefore, God's got to be allowed to go down to the last jot and tittle within me and dig out the "uglies", as He has promised to do.  The roots of my continuing struggles with self-value, hope, and unconditional (agape) love must be addressed.

By Daddy's Spirit I sense and believe that many of you also are experiencing God's tug upon your heart to release hindering wounds and bondages to His tender, capable care.  In all sincerity, friends, my prayers are with you.

God willing, as I share my experiences and struggles honestly and faithfully, we'll all pray together about what we're going through.  As the series continues, I will gratefully bless the Lord for His continual faithfulness in lifting me out of the pit.

Daddy's Girl

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)