Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Badge of Honor

Who among those of us loving the Lord haven't been looked on as foolish by others from time to time?  We've all encountered tilted heads, crinkled brows, and mocking "harrumphs" just because we've admitted loving Jesus with all our hearts, right?

Wear it as a Badge of Honor, beloved.  You were chosen by God to confound those thinking themselves wise, bringing conviction to their flesh-ruled hearts and - hopefully - pointing their thirsty vessels to the True Well of Jesus Christ.

No matter how "the mighty" call you weak and think you're weak, beloved, you know the Father Who sent you is Greater than all.  You know He alone is Mighty to Save and has trusted and selected your persevering heart to KEEP SPEAKING TRUTH to the unsaved and KEEP LOVING the unlovable.

Someone who was thought foolish won you to Jesus, didn't they?  For me, it was my mother.  I've personally heard her mocked repeatedly for her love of Christ - but that didn't stop her from living a Godly life before me every day... it didn't stop her from loving even her mockers.  I'll never forget her example of love and faith in Christ Jesus.  Never.  It made a woman of God out of me and positioned me to be nurtured by others sent to mentor me after she died.  Thank You, Jesus.

Frankly, even now, if I'm ever mocked or otherwise mistreated for the cause of Christ I rejoice (at least eventually) and consider it a true honor to be verbally scourged for His namesake. Hallelujah!

How about you?

Be blessed, y'all.

"...fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)