Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What Does it Mean to Seek God's Favor?

Shortly after I found divorce papers at my door 13 years ago, I remember God saying to me, "Seek My Favor.  Seek My Favor above anything else in your life."

And something clicked within me, like a light switch set to "on".  I resolved that day, sitting in the sunshine in my lawyer's parking lot, to do just that.  I put my ex-husband's acts behind me (or at least at that point, very far off to one side) and sought the Lord and His favor like never before.

What's that mean, you ask?  What does "seeking His Favor" entail?  It's not complicated. Its major component involves our decision.

For me, it was resolving to shut the door on my television, videos, radio, telephone, and distractions of every other kind so that He and I could know each other's hearts on a whole new level.

I pulled down my window shades and gave Daddy my absolutely undivided attention whenever He called for it.  And I worshiped Him by loving Him enough to tell Him the secrets of my heart.  Stuff I dared never say out loud until then, I uttered before Him and treated Him as a trusted Friend.  I cried and shared and asked for His mercy, will, and guidance of/in my life.  I asked for HIS plan to overtake me, and not the theorizing of my flesh.  I was honest.  I was humble.  I was diligent and faithful in my time of obedience to answer His request to spend time with Him so He could clean me up... dry my tears... and teach me in the deeper ways and things of Him. I LET HIM TALK TO ME, and He enabled me to "please" Him by increasing my faith every time I met with Him.  He strengthened my heart with His peace and augmented my resolve to keep coming in to Him.

He gave me Favor, and He caused me to know exactly why it is more precious than life.  Only your spirit-man in connection to Him can receive that fully, beloved.  But when you DO come in to the place where He dwells, you will know it.  It's a private, personal, incomparable experience that can't be quelled once it's reached and embraced your soul.  Thank You, Jesus.

All you need do is obey Him; kneel when He moves your spirit to kneel, or get on the floor on your face, and let His power envelope you.  Humbly worship Him by simply pouring out your heart of love upon Him.  He LOVES to hear you tell Him that you love Him when it's coming from your full, true, and sincere heart.  There's no more or greater tonic for His Spirit than that!  We can and do bless the Lord, you know... and He revels in our blessing every time we take away the things of this world from our midst and choose, instead, to spend our time with Him.  Blessing Him, crying to Him, praising and worshiping Him, and just talking to Him about the deepest things in our hearts.

We gain His Favor when WE FAVOR HIM above the distractions and deterrents of this world.

Reward Comes...

The Lord rewarded me during the time of recovery from a divorce He didn't ordain.  I obeyed Him every step of the way and He blessed my coffers and made them FULL of His JOY and FAVOR and COMFORT.  He taught my soul more and more of the things of Him, and I fell utterly in love with His revelation to my heart simply and sincerely of all the "goings on" that made up Him (everything my spirit-man could withstand at the time, that is).  We all know there's never an end to the height or depth or width of the Lord and, in truth, my soul was blessed with holy molecules of His Heavenly Presence.  But even that teeny, tiny amount blew open my life with JOY everlasting, unspeakable, and the merciful, benevolent "keeping power" from on High!  HALLELUJAH!

He gave me Favor and made me a discerning, new woman in Christ Jesus after the darkest time of my adult life had miraculously passed over me.  Thanks to His Love and Favor, not a hair on my head was singed, and I retained no smell of smoke.  Glory! Glory to His Name!

My prayer for you all, beloved, is that you are moved to "seek God's Favor" as the highest aim in your life.  Put away all distraction and things of this world, and seek His Favor through time spent with Him.  Then Holy Spirit will usher you into the Secret Place of life renewed in Jesus Christ, where the Godhead Themselves will meet you.  You will NOT be sorry you did.

Amen.  God bless you.


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)