Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Yeah, well...

Many people struggle with allowing themselves to be complimented. Though it helps, it's not enough to have friends and loved ones point out this unfortunate tendency.  Daddy has to be allowed to uncover the problem's roots and, for me, self-loathing was the culprit.

Folks who tend to side-step encouragement and replace it with reasons supporting self-deprecation are bound by negative spirits warping their emotions one way or another.  That was my predicament.

Deep down, I didn't believe I was worthy to receive the blessings given to me and the truths told to me about them.  My emotions were so swaddled by confusion, wounding, and guilt over sin that it was often difficult (and sometimes impossible) for me to answer compliments with even a simple "thank you".  With self-loathing, you literally are your own worst enemy.

I believed the lie that I was a despicable person because of the perverse sexual acts I committed in my youth and concealed from my mother.  The enemy loves to make a sour stew of lies mixed with scripture, using condemnation to spoon-feed the caustic concoction to our emotions.  In my case he used the scripture stating, "the liar hates the one he lies to" from Proverbs to torment me with the lie that I hated my mother since I concealed my sexual exploits from her, even when she asked me about them.  Since my mother did not deserve lies nor hatred from me or anyone, ever, it took years for the Lord to put the ax of His Truth to the root of the condemnation I heaped upon myself and deliver my emotions from its treacherous, moldering grip.

Back then, my heart and my actions often diverged.  In truth, many of us behave in ways polar opposite our heart's true desires/intentions. Tenderhearted people often behave callously to "protect" their visceral underbellies; some serious-minded people act like class clowns to avoid being perceived as dull or boring; and loud, crass, "mouthy" folks are often inwardly afraid of their own shadows, etc.

While I had a heart to encourage others and I acknowledged its critical value, I wouldn't allow myself to be encouraged.  But Daddy came to my rescue through Holy Spirit, and I allowed Him to expose the lies so that I could repent and be exonerated from sin.  It was the only thing that helped.  Owning your own stuff and relinquishing the lies to Christ's power is the only thing that will ever help, beloved; and it will do more than that - Daddy's truth will FREE you from bondage.  Do you want to be free?

Let's pray...

[Merciful Father, please help us all to see the lies holding us captive to every form of sin; please cause us to repent of all agreement with those lies and release them to Your Sovereign power and will to deliver us, so that we will be forgiven, blood-washed, and secured by Christ's restorative love. Please fill every void with Your Truth which protects and enables us to enjoy the harvest of Your blessings created for us from the very beginning. In Jesus' Name we pray and thank You. Amen.]


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)