Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Call Upon the Only True Answer

We simply cannot live our lives to any truly good and acceptable and mature end without God.  We cannot move without Him (any more than a pitcher we've molded and fired in a kiln, glazed with care and accuracy, and set on a table could jump off that table and dance).

Beloved, if you're expecting good and perfect (richly seasoned) results from your endeavors apart from the blessings, mercy, and empowerment of Almighty God you've already crashed and burned.  Take it from the former queen of crashing and burning... we all desperately need the Lord.

What does that mean?  Great question (and one I ask frequently about everything), because there's TONS more to it than meets the eye. 

We need Daddy for absolutely everything of ability, power, love, and sound mind (sanity) in life.  Period.  No exceptions.  We're not even self-existent, are we?  Roll that around in your mind for a while, beloved... we need God to exact and sustain our own existencePow!

So, since we recognize and acknowledge that Jesus is the answer - and I mean for/to everything - why do we so often live our lives as if that's not the truth? (I'm asking myself also, beloved.)  Let's resolve today to allow God to change our hearts in that regard.

If the key to living good, acceptable, mature lives is right in our hands, let's resolve to clutch it heartily and gratefully to our breasts and lovingly bow down to the God of the Universe, the Maker and Creator of Heaven and Earth!  Let's be THANKFUL that He is Who He is, and that He is on our side!  Above all, let's get on HIS side by giving Him complete steerage of our lives, and cease yielding our lives to the fruitless, prideful babblings of the flesh!

Humbly call upon Him to enable you to do it, and He will... I testify to His mercy and faithfulness in the blessed Name of Jesus the Christ of Nazareth... He will.



"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)