Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Jubilant Praise

With 49 years on earth completed, I have entered the 50th year - the Year of Jubilee. Well, what does that mean? The redemption and return of God's territory, physically and spiritually; the release from slavery of the world, the flesh and the devil; the cancellation of all debt.  That's a big deal, my friends!

My 49th year on earth also marks my 40th year of following Christ; I was saved at age nine.

Can I adequately express my gratitude to the Godhead - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - for ALL They've done for me?  For all They've accomplished within me?  I am an endless vessel of thanksgiving and praise; I am Theirs forever, and I am not living beneath my privileges - Their gifts to me only continue!

Through repentance, the Lord will have mercy on the most sin-sick soul, beloved.  It doesn't matter what you've done; if you turn to Him, sincerely - in repentance and faith in what He has done to open the way to Abba - He will accept you openly.  He will redeem you fully.  He will bless you completely.  No doubt about it, because JESUS IS OUR JUBILEE!

No need to wonder whether or not God is smiling at you - He is.  He only hates sin, my friends; He loves you.  He wants to "fish you out" from beneath the stain and weight of sinful lusts and fruitless endeavors, as He did me.  He wants to fulfill every single one of His promises to your life, as He is doing with me.  He wants to bless... ever to bless, and not curse.  He is blessed by every repentant heart; our contrition is an absolute delight to His Soul.  Bless His Holy Name.

Personal Praise

He's brought everything full circle in my life.  I am where He began to bless me and my bloodline in full; I am not where the enemy said I would be.  I am blessed, empowered, fulfilled, and enlightened by Daddy's wisdom and mercy.  No longer in the wilderness, but starting again, afresh, anew in God's Promised Land, I am experiencing a whole new phase of promises fulfilled; I am equipped to live the blessing He has purposed for me since before my heart began beating.

My "do-over" in the land promised to my forefathers is here.  My house is in order.  God's Jubilee has taken hold of my coffers and released me into freedom in His Name.  Fresh spiritual encounters lead me gently into new knowledge of His realms; I am no longer bound by the past, but released to His fruitful present and boundless future.  I am now enjoying my seventh month of new beginnings (now mingled with my Jubilee), and I ask you...

Who is like our God?  You all know the answer to that!  :0)

Be blessed, everyone.

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)