Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Challenge is Persevering Love

The further along we go in Jesus, the more our persevering love will be tested. Learning to walk in unconditional love is one of the most challenging areas of growth in Christ. That's a large umbrella covering things like forgiveness and mercy and supernatural impartations of faith and grace.  I've been taught that  "hurting people hurt other people", and that's certainly proven true in my life experience.  I've hurt others due to my hurt, and others have hurt me due to their hurt.

Daddy's Heart

Obtaining the understanding of the inner workings of God's heart over the years has been the most powerful key I've been given in learning to love and choosing to love by His definition.  God's heart is amazing... that's seems like such a jaded term, but any language short of tongues falls abysmally short of grasping the extent of power-packed mercy and unfailing love pulsating every moment from His heart.  He is incomparably understanding, forgiving, and merciful.  He accurately gauges every heart because He is the Almighty God, and He casts His line of omniscience clear into the future - knowing whether or not we are (or will be) of a mind to repent and return to Him, and blessing us "here and now" in light of that knowing.

Okay... that's amazing love, Saints.  What we call "the benefit of the doubt" regarding the hearts of loved ones, God doesn't have to guess about... He doesn't doubt in the first place - He knows - and, therefore, applies the same faith He asks us to apply, in "calling things that are not as though they are".  He mercifully withholds judgment and waits patiently for our repentance.

What? Wow!

Those are my thoughts about His utter magnificence today, my friends.  I wanted to share the realization that - as His sons and daughters made in His image and being transformed into the image of Christ - we will be called upon more and more to love as He loved.  We will be asked to forgive as He forgave, persevere as He did, and CHOOSE to love.  I want to answer His call in victory, and I pray you do, too.  Amen.

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)