Wednesday, June 11, 2014

There's Nothing Like Encouragement

I remember on an episode of "Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman", one of the children of Michaela and Sully was discouraged.  He liked a girl he considered to be way out of his league, because she was very pretty and a whole year older than him.  She was 11.

He moped about for a while, asking advice of his teenaged sister on how to approach the young girl to ascertain her feelings for him and so on.  Sully became aware of his crush on the little girl early on and, in a precious scene between him and his adopted son, the following was said and done:

The little boy (Brian by name) was in the barn with his older sister, grilling her about the etiquette of romance while simultaneously trying to reach a horse bit hung high on a barn post nail.  As he spoke to his sister he leapt repeatedly towards the bit to no avail until, discouraged and exhausted, he collapsed in a piteous heap on the barn floor and said, "Who am I kidding? A girl like that would never be interested in me." It seemed self-pity had the boy in its sights... but here's my favorite part:

At that precise moment, viewers hear the swooshing of Sully's tomahawk flying through the air, then the chop! of it sinking into the barn post, snapping the horse bit's elusive tether.  The mouthpiece falls into Brian's lap, surprising him, and he looks up into Sully's empathetic eyes in time to catch his lifeline of truth, "Just because something's out of reach doesn't mean you can't get it." 

That said, Sully smiles at Brian and disappears from the doorway.  The sweet boy's entire countenance brightens, and we know he's going to keep trying to win the heart of the little girl (which, eventually, he does).

There's Nothing Like Encouragement

Isn't ENCOURAGEMENT marvelous?!  I can't watch that scene of Dr. Quinn without welling with tears, even to this day.  I love encouragement.  I would be absolutely nowhere without it.  My mother was a tremendous encourager and, to me, it's the best thing anyone can do for another, for only truth encourages.

With one sentence and a brilliant object lesson, Sully strengthened his son, changing his course and opinion of himself from negative to positive.  That encouragement coming from a man Brian loved and respected turned his "can't" into "can" in mere seconds!  And that's all it takes for us to speak into the hearts and lives of strangers and of those we love, my friends.  Little children who respect you and your love for God; adults who do, and all you touch by your walk with Christ are the most positively susceptible to your encouragements, here and now, in Jesus' Name.

Beloved, make it your purpose at every opportunity to encourage hearts and minds to press on in God and hold on to His Faithful hand.  Holy Spirit will open every door when He sees Daddy's intentions take hold of you; it is the Godhead's JOY to orchestrate and enable encouragements.

Strengthen your brethren with God's truth today; lift them up in Jesus (whether they're down or not); ask God to allow you to brighten any darkness surrounding them, and impart new hope to their souls.  Few things bring such personal satisfaction or satisfy Abba more.

Everyone benefits from a lifted soul, and only Love can lift!  May God's JOY strengthen, encourage, and change you forever!

Filled daily with His "Delight",

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)