Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Desperation's Perspiration

Present your petitions to God and leave them there - (make the decision to) stand on His faithfulness.  That's what Holy Spirit said to me when I considered the message of this post.

There's desperation in these hands, that's why I believe Abba led me to this picture today. Many times we pray, and we believe, but we are desperate in our entreaty, and sweat forms under our noses and eyes; it coats the palms of our hands.  We mean what we pray but, too often, turn to God in breathless, final recourse.  Daddy wants to put an end to desperation's perspiration.  He wants faith in Him to live within us, daily, so that our days can begin and end in the confidence of His unfailing love and ability on our behalf.

"Am I not faithful?" Abba says to me through Holy Spirit.  Hallelujah.  The truth is He IS faithful.  Jesus faithfully loosens the clenched hands of desperate prayers, and He dries our sweat and tears.  He eases the pain of torturous doubt, fear, and unbelief and says with stalwart, binding power, "I will not fail you."

You know He's real, Saints.  You know He has all power.  Don't doubt Him when times get tough, trust Him - even when you have to cry - for He is Faithful to remove all sorrow and turn it into shouts of joy!  You know it's true, especially if He's done it before in your life; draw on that memorial stone and believe that He will hear and answer your heart again.  He will deliver you from trouble, as He delivers the righteous from all of their afflictions. He is faithful to deliver and to heal.  Pour out your heart to Him, and He will supply all the testimony you need to set other captives free.

As the scripture says, thank Him at the same time you're beseeching Him. Bless His Holy Name in the assurance of victory! Stand firm in your belief in His ability to thoroughly conquer on your behalf.  Just take it to Him and (ask Holy Spirit to enable you to) leave it there, Saints.  Don't be anxious or desperate... be glad!

God bless you.


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)