Tuesday, July 22, 2014

God Our Refuge

I am a strong proponent of truth, period, but especially as it's presented in this scripture verse. I have learned how to "take refuge" in the Lord, to laugh in His gladness, and sing in His JOY.

It wasn't always like that, y'all. As I said, I've learned how to indulge in and enjoy all these things, because God is merciful and He took pity on a lost soul He loved.  He saved me at nine years old and, by degrees, has been deepening and widening the inheritance of His salvation within me ever since.

Now I know how to "find JOY", I know how to "take refuge" in His everlasting arms. Daddy accomplished this within my soul through proving Himself worthy of my trust. (The beauty in this is that God need not prove anything of Himself for Himself - He went to such lengths FOR ME... that I would embrace faith believing in His unconditional love for me, no matter what.) He taught me that - in Him - I am safe from condemnation (that's a biggie), and that I am welcome (never rejected) wherever, whenever, and how ever He is.  I didn't always believe that.

For me, the process of "learning" has chiefly involved my emotions, beliefs, and mindsets - mainly dismantling the false ones and replacing them with His truths.  All of my beliefs were flawed in some way, and some were grossly flawed.  But Daddy took them all on His shoulders and showed me I need not be ashamed of needing His correction in these places.  He secured me in His unfailing love so He could reveal His renovation plans, safely.  By that I mean, God FIRST proved Himself to my emotions in areas of His unconditional love for me so that I would not abandon Him when the time came for the absolute demolition of most of my former mindsets, thought processes, and belief systems.

Pretty much everything except the extreme foundational truth of salvation being found only in Jesus Christ was put to His fire... and I continue in amazement at how much of it has burned to pitiful ashes and cinders.  Merciful Father!  Letting His humility reign within me in every area has been the rescuing of my soul from evil, my friends.  Believe me, there are so many things we think we know and understand but, once God puts His hand of omniscience to our hearts, we realize we've truly known nothing at all.  Whatever truth we do know, we know from His bosom of comfort and mercy; nothing else, and certainly nothing in and of ourselves - ever.

So I take refuge in Him as "Source" because He has taught me that He's the only place there is for solace (true Peace), refuge (sheltered safety), and strength (renewal, JOY).  Embracing Him in truth always ultimately generates JOY.  I run to the blazing hearth of His Presence to escape the shivering, blinding cold of the world, the flesh, and the devil. So should you all. And be GLAD you don't know anything apart from Him and His goodness - I am!  For what other source of value and true worth is there, anywhere? Yep, you've got it...

Absolutely no other.

Lifting up songs of praise and thanksgiving to His Precious, Holy Name...

"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)