Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pray for Wayward Youth

My heart is concerned for wayward children today, so I'm directing my thoughts in testimony, encouragement, and comfort to the parents and the kids:

Godly parents truly only desire to help their children; their counsel is not meant as an act of trespass against youthful growth, spirit, or even so-called "independence".  Rather, Godly parents desire to arm their children with God's truth and wisdom that they might be spared the unnecessary pain and turmoil born of embracing this world.

My mother once told me, "Honey, it's not that God doesn't want you to have fun - it's that He doesn't want you to kill yourself trying to have fun."  Lol... truer words have not been spoken.

Unfortunately, at some point, the term young and stupid fits the lives and decisions of most adolescents, worldwide. I've been romanced by that term's deceptive flirtations, first-hand - as have nearly all parents - and that's exactly what the older, wiser generation is trying to convey to today's kids.  We know what we're talking about, because we've been there and done that and reaped what we sowed!  It's a cutting predicament when loving admonitions fall upon deaf ears.  Older folks know what is to come of bad decisions, little ones... and they only want to help you.

As a youth, I had constant struggles with pride - I mean, ridiculously.  Since I thought I "knew it all", pride kicked my hind-quarters all over the place until I realized the true wisdom couched within humility.  Yet again, God saved me from myself via the sound teaching of His Spirit through my mother.  Friends, she locked me in the powerful gaze of her holy, soulful, brown eyes one day and solemnly said to me, "Sharon, humble is the way."


Oh, how I respected, revered, and regarded her life in Christ!  And Abba knew that.  He knew the transforming strength He imparted to her words falling on my (often foolish) young ears, and He used that to my supreme benefit.  I saw how His Spirit of Humility blessed her in His wisdom and gave light to her coffers in discernment and knowledge of deeper truths... and I wanted that more and more in my life. So, I began to let Holy Spirit speak to me, reason with me, and encourage me to listen to her counsel and admonitions regarding my conduct, speech, and choices.  Tada! My life began changing for the better and, because I received God's truths through her counsel, He was able to bless me with His supernatural wisdom in very deep places, accelerating my growth in Him and strengthening my decision (later in life) to keep following Him.

But it wasn't until I decided within my own heart to humble myself and heed God's words that sweetness and joy entered my life.  So many times I could have died, but I didn't, because of Daddy's mercy.  As all wayward souls, young or old, I was worthy of death - but I was loved so dearly, and prayed for so mightily, God literally hid my heart from the enemy's fatal grasp.  God saved my soul from certain death due to the prayers of my Godly parent who only wanted to help me.  Through pride's affliction of my life, she prayed; through my ignorance, she prayed; through my sin and mistakes, she prayed and continued to love.

God knew better than I.  Ma knew better than I.  Thanks to God's mercy - I now know better, too, and I pray for His continued, loving deliverance of wayward children, everywhere.

[Merciful God, please enable all Your loving parents to persevere with their children, in Jesus' Name. Please cause them to "continue to love" as You have loved and clung to them, unconditionally. O, Holy Spirit, please rise up and hover over the hearts and minds of those immature and often frightened children; cause them to know Your care and love.

In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Who came in the flesh, we take authority over every vestige of fear combating them; we burn fear with the fire of Holy Spirit and cast it into the abyss, forbidding its return, in Christ's Name. We speak God's Spirit of Perfect Love and Faith into every void, as counters to fear.  We cover these relationships with the Blood of Jesus, and we forbid the enemy or his operatives any access to any of them at all, in Christ's Name.

Father, please dry every tear and comfort every heart wounded by the choices of rebellious youth. Above all, Holy Father, please keep the hearts of parents tendered towards their children and obedient to Your desires on their behalf. In Jesus' precious, holy Name we pray and thank You. Amen.]

Godly parents, hold on and press on, in Jesus' Name.  The God we serve brought us from darkness into His marvelous light, and He is still enthroned in Power and Mighty to save!



"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)