Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Power of Agreement

God cares about every form of agreement forged in our hearts in every place, because when we agree with any concept, words, spirit, or thing, it is given legal right to affect us with its fruit.

For example, I saw the film "Contact" when it played in theaters back in 1997, largely because the theme of the movie intrigued me, and I was then a fan of Jodie Foster.  But when the work was released on DVD some months later, Holy Spirit would not allow me to purchase it. Indeed, my best friend Lynette and I stood in a video store for several minutes while I held the package, unable to shake the "check" to my spirit regarding its purchase.

Thank God, the bottom line was I put it back on the shelf in obedience but, to say the least, my curiosity was piqued.

Agreement's Impact

God knows the impact and power of "agreement", for it is His own anointed principle made fully enforceable at mankind's behest.  When I asked the Lord why He would not allow my purchase of the aforementioned film, Holy Spirit led me to the movie's dedicatory inscription, "For Carl", referencing Carl Sagan, the self-proclaimed agnostic.


Without going into Sagan's achievements or death or other beliefs, I will say that God made it clear to me the power of agreement would have been invoked by my purchasing the film dedicated to him and actually based on his novel of the same name... truths of which I was unaware.  Daddy's principle bore special application to my life in this instance, because I love and identify on some level with most of the movies in my sizable collection. Ignorance or no, purchasing the film definitely would have been an act of agreement and a statement of my embrace of its content and muse. Holy Spirit's gentle halt to my spirit proved to be a priceless protection!  Jehovah God is our Protector, my friends.  Hallelujah, Amen!

The enemy waits for instances of ignorance to open doors for our destruction but, if our hearts are genuinely yielded to God's leading - even in dark and blinded places - His light will faithfully shine to save us.  (Don't be afraid of this life, dear ones, simply ask Daddy to live His life within you, and He will - just like He does/did for me.)

Beloved, draw on the Wisdom of God every day of your lives, and always prayerfully consider actions, purchases, thoughts, and speech before entering into agreement concerning them. Be thankful to God for His protections, and remember that God originally gave mankind dominion over the earth, and what was once lost to the enemy has been restored to us through faith in Jesus Christ.  That means all the earth and its atmosphere respond to what we say and do! (In Christ's authority, we can also release Heaven's bounty!) So we want our agreement - at all times - to be aligned with Yahweh and His will over our lives.

God bless you.


"... fervent in spirit, serving the Lord."
(Romans 12:11b)